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Blogging – What is a Blog?

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Recently I have published an article on how to make money online where you will find  top 10 ways to earn online & one of the method was through blogging. More and more people are coming forward to start their own blog. Some of them are taking this seriously and wants to make blogging their career. But many people ask me what is a blog?


So what is a blog? And what do I mean by blogging?

There are hundreds of definition for this term ‘what is blog’ & ‘blogging’ and I really don’t want to confuse you to use any technical term to explain you blogging. And I really don’t want to add another definition to blogging.

In the simplest word a blog is nothing but a website & blogging is a creating a website & write on that website on regular basis say daily, weekly or even monthly. Now the question is what to write? You can write about your interest or your hobby or even about your day to day life experience.

So blogging is simply share your thoughts about something with the world through a website. A blog is very different than a traditional website because you can communicate with the world through the comment section in the blog.

Let’s take some example –

You are a women who cooks some of the delicious foods and you want to share your recipes with the world and after sharing, you want to know how they are liking this.

OR you have great knowledge about politics and want to share your thinking & your opinion about this with the world, want to know how other think and you even want to learn from others.

OR you are a financial consultant who knows ups and downs about the market and can educate people through their tips so they other can get the benefits of your knowledge.

All this can be possible through either newspaper or TV or radio but in all the cases you can’t communicate with your audience.

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But with blogging you can do everything above and also communicate with your audience. You can know how your readers think about your writing, what they want to listen from you in the future and how can you write more appealing contents on your blog.

But Why Blogging

There are different category of people who blog for different purpose. Every person has different goals through blogging. Just check here some of the reason why people blog-

  1. Many of the people blog because they really care for others and always think if they can anyway contribute to the wellness of the society through their writing.
  2. Some people blog for their recognition and this way they can connect with their audience. There are many famous people & celebrities like Amitabh Bacchan, Amir Khan etc. who blog and get connected with their audience.
  3. Some people blogs to update about their company product and services, new launches etc.
  4. And of course, some people blog to make money and majority of the people fall in this category. The live example right now in this category is my Jobs8Home blog.

Here is a good list of Indian bloggers who write for different reasons. You can find every category of bloggers here.

How to start a blog?

I don’t know for what reason but still people think blogging is not their cup of tea. They think they need to be an expert in web designing or they need to have some technical skills.

Is blogging really difficult?

Not at all. There are thousands of famous bloggers who are doing very well in this field and making good money but still they don’t have any knowledge of web designing or even any IT background.

I really mean it. Even I have trained many people how to start a blog and after learning a bit they are doing very well in this field.

If you really want to earn money from blogging, then you can devote sometime to this and see with in few days, you can create your own blogs. And yes, its about learning how to create a blog and not about doing any software or computer course.

How to monetize your blog?

Its a million dollar question and everyone should ask this before starting a blog. And yes, only if your objective is to make money.

There are different ways of making money through your blog. As in the above example whether you are a an expert in cooking recipe, or someone who takes interests in politics or a financial consultant, you have a very good opportunity of making money.

People visit your site for information and that means you have targeted readership. And if you have targeted people, you can monetize this in number of ways. You can earn from AdSense which is the most common way of earning from a blog or you can recommend some products on Amazon by becoming an Amazon Associate and earn from every sale or even you can sell your own premium info to your readers by creating an eBook.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can make money from your blog. And yes, a big part of success of your blog will depend on your contents. So you have to devote more time on creating good quality articles rather than doing unnecessary stuffs.


  1. Blogging is simple.
  2. Anyone can start a blog. Just get a basic training or read some articles on blogging. That’s it
  3. People don’t blog just for money. There are other reasons as well.
  4. Blogging means writing something on your blog. People like it and visit your site again for other good articles from you.
  5. So many ways to earn money from your blog. You decide how you want.

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