Easy Steps to Hack School WiFi (Tutorial)

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You know your school wifi is turned on. But whenever you try to connect, a password field pops up and disappoint you. Did it ever happen to you? The above example is not the only case. Some school Wifis are open that we can establish a connection without sweating. But they don’t allow us to visit popular websites and apps (like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.).

Isn’t it irritating?

But not anymore! I have got a guide on how to unblock school wifi.

How to Hack School Wifi?

how to hack school wifi

Hacking a Wifi network is easier said than done. Most of the networks are strongly encrypted with secure protocols.

Moreover, you can’t learn hacking overnight with the help of a ready-made tool. I know a lot of self-proclaimed hack-in-one-minute applications are available. But I recommend staying away from the same. Most of them will bite you back, and we have no way to figure out which one it is.

So for your safety, I chose not to go into the real hacking part. It may brick your mobile or computer.

Let’s just stick to how to hack school wifi or how to unblock school wifi to access blocked sites.

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Are you ready? Here we go!

#1. How to Hack School Wifi with Android?

Not all of us carry our laptop to the school. Hence the only device left for experimentation is our smartphone.

Follow the steps given below to find out how to hack into school wifi on Android.

Step 1: You need an app here called Hola Free VPN Proxy. Unlike most of the Virtual Private Network applications, this one is free to download. Just access Play Store and search for it. There you go!

Don’t forget to hit the Download button.

Step 2: You have to wait some time for the completion of the downloading process. Once the installation is finished, you can see the app icon on the home screen. Open it to unblock your school wifi.

how to hack school wifi on iphone

Step 3: Now, you will be asked to select a country. Choose anyone of them except your own. And then, it will show you a browser-like interface where you are provided with an address field to enter any URL.

how to hack school wifi with android

You will be amazed to see the lack of restrictions.

What if you want to access a blocked app. Just proceed to the following.

Step 4: Under the address bar, you can see a section titled ‘My Apps,’ can’t you?

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A few of the installed apps are shown there. In case you don’t see the required app, just tap on More and choose the appropriate one.

how to hack school wifi with cmd

Step 5: You will see another screen with the app icon and an Open button. Go with Open. Again, you will get a prompt. Check ‘I Trust This Application’ and hit Ok. That’s all.

how to get school wifi password

So you now know how to unblock school wifi on Android.

N.B.- Hola is one of the many VPN apps for Android. You can download any such app to hack your school wifi. The connecting procedure varies from app to app. But the core function remains the same.

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#2. How to Hack School Wifi on Computer

As I said earlier, the word ‘hack’ here doesn’t mean the heavy attack. We are just getting rid of the wireless network constraints.

We need a VPN tool here too. You can easily download one with the cost of a simple Google search. Here I am using BufferedVPN.

Step 1: Download your favorite VPN program. Tons of such apps are available on the web for free download.

Step 2: Some of them don’t want registration, but some want. Here my provider needs it. So, I have registered for them.

Whenever I open the app, a login form is the first screen that welcomes me. If it’s the same case with you, just provide the credentials and hit Enter.

how to unblock school wifi on iphone

Step 3: Then, you can see the list of countries. The only remaining step is to select a country. It may take a few seconds to a minute for establishing the connection.

how to hack school wifi password with ipod touch

Once the connection is established, you can visit any website you want without any restriction.

N.B.- In case you don’t prefer dedicated software for this, you can download VPN Chrome extensions for the same purpose. But the only difference is the former works all over the computer traffic whereas the later, the transfer through the browser only.

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Instructions for those who are Searching for How to Hack a School Wifi Password

  • You can easily come across a lot of hacking tools. But none of them are legit, and you will never find the password. If you download one of them, chances are it will steal and send your sensitive data to a remote location (trojan).
  • Though your school wifi is encrypted, you can ask your computer teacher for the password. When I was in high school, I got the password from a little chat with him. Even after the password became public, he didn’t care to change it.
  • I have tried some so-called wifi hacker apps. The interface and working of those captivate us. But the truth is they can’t reveal the original password. So, don’t waste your time downloading and working with hacker apps.
  • The methods I explained here are for Android and Windows. But the procedure isn’t much different on iPhone and Mac either. All you need is a VPN or Proxy App.

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to hack a school wifi. If you are disappointed not to get a method to hack the password, you need to accept the fact that no tools are available for wifi password cracking.

A VPN or proxy software just encrypts your connection that the firewall of your school wifi can’t recognize from where the traffic comes. Hence it allows you to access the network.

If you think this article helped you in any way, feel free to share with your social media buddies. And, I am always ready to clear your doubts as well. Use the comment section down below for that.


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