How To Disassemble Laptop (Dell Latitude D610)

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How To Disassemble Laptop (Dell Latitude D610)

Let’s step a generation back for laptop computers, where we will see these not-so-stylish (I’m just being honest here) Dell Latitude D610. Unstylishly as it looks, the performance of the laptop should not be disregarded as it is built to strike a balance between performance, size and battery life. I have to give thanks to my friend, Thomas and HQ who allowed me to disassemble this D610.
This guide will explain detailed step by step sequence on how to dismantle a Dell Latitude D610 laptop.


Advices taken here are taken at your own risk. will be held no responsibility if you break any of the hardware and lose your warranty.
NOTE: Even though Dell said disassembling laptop yourself would lose your warranty, but I haven’t void anybody’s warranty in any possible way yet.


  1. Before You Start
  2. Step by Steps
  3. Remove RAMs

Tools You Need For Dismantling and Cleaning

  1. Philips Screwdriver (M2.5 will do)
  2. Flat Blade Screwdriver (usually a test pen)
  3. A brush (about 1 inch wide would do it)

I usually have 2 Philips screwdrivers, big one for more unscrewing force, small one for less screwing force (so that I don’t spoil the screws), then a test pen for prying up parts and a brush for cleaning.

Before You Start

Here are a few things you’ll need to do before you start disassembling your Dell Latitude D610.

  1. Clear your Table
    Ensure that you have plenty of space (1 meter square would be great) to put all the components so they won’t go missing or falling off the table.
  2. Disconnect all the Cables & Components
    It’s wise to disconnect all usb cables, pendrives, power and HDMI cables.
  3. Put Some Cloth or Thin Sponge Under the Laptop
    To make sure that the rough table surface would not scratch your laptop.
  4. Remove the Battery
    To remove the battery from your Dell Latitude D610, unscrew 1 screw and pull the battery latch outwards. The battery will automatically be lifted up.
  5. Ground the Motherboard
    When the battery is removed, simply ground the motherboard by pressing on the power button for a few seconds.
  6. Ground your Hands
    Ground your hands by wearing a wrist grounding strap or touching an unpainted metal surface from time to time.

All preparations done. Unfortunately, this laptop is designed by dirty people who doesn’t clean their laptops. So we’ll have to disassemble all the way to split the laptop into half in order to reach the fan (which contains the most dust).

Step 1 : Remove The Harddisk

This step is unnecessary. However, for the sake of your business data stored inside the laptop, I strongly suggest the harddisk to be removed and placed somewhere safe. Preferrably inside an antistatic bag.

  1. Locate the harddisk that is just beside your battery.
  2. Unscrew two M3 x 3-mm screws.
  3. Pull the Harddisk handle and remove the harddisk.

Step 2 : Remove The Hinge Cover

For starters disassembling the hinge cover would always be a challenge. But as you get used to disassembling your laptop, this becomes as easy as eating peanuts.

  1. Open your LCD screen as far as possible, all the way to 180 degrees.
  2. Use your flat blade screwdriver (or testpen) to pry open the hinge cover from the right side.
  3. Carefully unsnap the hinge cover starting from the right side.
    You will hear a few popping noises indicating that the hinge cover is disconnected from the base.

Step 3 : Remove The Keyboard

After your hinge cover is off, you will have access to the screws securing the keyboard.

  1. Remove two M2.5 x 5-mm screws located at the top of the laptop.
  2. Slowly lift up the keyboard (make sure you don’t snap the cable beneath).
  3. Make sure you have enough room for your hand to go below the keyboard, then disconnect the cable by pulling the blue tag.

Step 4 : Remove The LCD Screen

Great job! You’ve disassembled 50% of your Dell Latitude D610. I know the lcd screen is heavier than the laptop base now. It’s irritating, let’s remove it.
Remove the Mini PCI Card

  1. The Mini PCI Card is located bottom of the fan and left side of the RAM (DIMM A).
  2. Unplug the antennas labeled “MAIN” and “AUX” and unroute them from their routings.
  3. Pull the tabs located at the sides of the PCI Card, the card will pop up and ready for removal.

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Remove the LCD Screen

  1. Disconnect the display cable by pulling the blue pull-tab.
  2. There’s also a captive screw right beside the display cable, unscrew it.
  3. Remove four M2.5 x 5-mm screws located at each side of the lcd screen support.
  4. Life the LCD screen out from the laptop base.

Step 6 : Remove The Palm Rest

This is the real challenge in disassembling laptops usually. During my first laptop disassembly I spent couple of hours only on this step, maybe because there isn’t a guide to help me out.
NOTE: If you have a CD/DVD ROM installed, just push it out like this.


Now let’s continue our Palm Rest disassembly.

  1. At the top side up of the laptop, note 1 touchpad cable and two M2.5 x 5-mm screws.
  2. Disconnect the cable and remove the two screws.
  3. Turn the laptop upside down, remove thirteen more M2.5 x 8-mm screws.
    Pain in the ass I know, but not the hard part yet
  4. Make sure all the screws are removed.
  5. If everything is clear, separate the palm rest from the laptop base starting from the back. This is the hard part for every laptop, keep an eye on the force you exert here.

Just be careful not to break any components or hooks.

Step 7 : Remove & Clean The Dirty Fan

Removed the Palm Rest already? Cool, how long did it take you to do that? Anyhow, it’s time to clean the fan.

  1. Unscrew two M2.5 x 8-mm screws.
  2. Pull out the power cable.
  3. Lift the fan off the base.

Cleaning Tips

Here’s a few places you need to pay more attention when cleaning your laptop.

  1. The Fan
    Where most dusts are collected.
  2. The Air Vents
    To improve air flow of the laptop. Would also collect a lot of dust. View here for example.
  3. Motherboard
    Gently brush the dust away with a paint brush, not too hard unless you wanna break those little chips. You could also use a blower to blow all the dust out.
  4. Covered part of the palm rest
  5. Keyboard
    You will be amazed with how many things that was hid under the keys.

Extra: How To Remove The Latitude D610 RAMs

In your Dell Latitude D610, the RAMs are located at 2 parts of the laptop. DIMM A is located right beneath the keyboard and DIMM B is located at the bottom of the laptop.


Remove DIMM A
Follow the step by step instructions until Step 3 : Remove the keyboard. After Step 3, you can clearly see DIMM A. So what you do is pull the pins located at both sides of the RAM to remove it.
Remove DIMM B

This can be reached from the bottom of the laptop.

  1. Locate the cover with a “M” label for Memory.
  2. Open it and DIMM B is inside.
  3. Pull the pins at both sides of the RAM to remove it.

I guess this is all for How to Disassemble your Dell Latitude D610. Have fun disassembling.
More laptop disassembly guides at the Laptop Disassembly Archive.


It has been confirmed the Latitude D610 is prone to the DC power jack problem.
Thanks to Ken, who provided us a link to the problem which is located here.
Please forward any questions or comments regarding Laptop Disassembly to the Forum at Real Time Gamer (RTG) website. RTG is a website we have long-term partnership with.

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