How to Trace Mobile Number with Exact Name and Location

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We are back with a new post on how to trace mobile number with exact name and location. Cyber crimes are increasing day by day. It’s the world now we can’t even pick calls from unknown numbers due to the fear of getting molested or cheated.  That’s why you are here reading this article on how to trace phone number with exact name and location.

To be frank, it’s not that easy to trace the exact name and location of a caller. Why because no network providers give you such details unless and until you are a government authority. So, make sure that every other tutorial on how to trace mobile number with exact name and location on the web is genuine.

how to trace mobile number with exact name and location

I said it is tough, not impossible. Still, you are left with a slim chance to catch that disturbing unknown caller red handed. Here, I am going to introduce a new service (may be old to you) to you that helps you trace most of the unknown numbers with exact name and location.

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Method 1 – Using Truecaller

Introducing Truecaller

Truecaller is a caller ID revealing service. I will explain the working of it later. Being started a few years ago, Truecaller outgrew every other apps or website that provide the same service.

Along with the web version, mobile apps are also available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone as well. Using Truecaller is a sheer pleasure that you don’t have to struggle with a single step.

Let me tell you how Truecaller works now.

Truecaller has a large database of mobile numbers with their owner details like name, email id, location, etc. So, whenever you check for a number, Truecaller tries to find the same in their database and shows the details whenever found.

The way of gathering phone numbers and details are simple. Whenever you register for Truelancer, they upload all your contacts to their server. Don’t worry! It will not harm your privacy in any way.

So I think you have got enough information about Truecaller.

Let me just move on to how to trace mobile number with exact name and location section next.

Tracing mobile number on Truecaller is not a Herculean task. You can do the same onfor either the mobile or the web version like a walk in the park.

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On Truecaller Web Version

So, now I am going to help you with the process of tracing mobile number on the web version of Truecaller.

Here we go.

Step 1: Visit Truecaller website. It can be done by simply clicking on the link I have given here.


Step 2: The click will lead you to the homepage of Truecaller where a search field can easily be spotted. The thing is you have to enter the number which you want to trace into the given field.

Step 3: Now, you will be stunned to see this banner, I know. See this image given below to know what happens. You will see that notice because you haven’t signed up or logged into Truecaller yet.

signin into truecaller to trace any mobile number

Step 4: You are free to choose between two options- Sign in with Google and Sign in with Microsoft account. You can select any of those options to sign up. The result will be the same.

Step 5: The last switcher option controls whether to share your contacts with Truecaller or not. Remember that if everyone had unchecked that option, you couldn’t have tracked a mobile number. So, I recommend going with that option enabled.

Step 6: In the next step, you will be asked to authorize Truecaller to use your Google account to register yourself. If you are serious to know how to trace mobile number with exact name and location, don’t hesitate to hit the Allow button. Be completely blind toward Deny button.

login with gmail to trace mobile number location

Step 7: Wait for a second to redirect that small window and finally self-destruct the same. As soon as that new small window closes itself, you can see the complete details of the number you have just put into the field earlier.

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trace phone number location easily

I have tried a lot of numbers with Truecaller; even some random ten digits. Hopefully, it had an answer for all my ten digit queries. But when I searched for landline numbers, it showed ‘The truth is out there’ with no results.

I hope you are not that rare breed who keeps on getting calls from unknown land phone calls only. So, Truecaller is more than enough for you, isn’t it?

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Using Truecaller Mobile App

I am going to show how you can carry out the same task on Trucaller mobile app.

Step 1: Visit Play Store and download Truecaller app from there. Launch the app and you will be asked to sign up.

Step 2: Check the image given below. You will have three options on Truecaller app. The first tab can be used for searching unknown number. Down below on the same tab, you can view recent calls (They will display names from their database in case of unknown numbers).trace mobile number details on android phone

Use any of those three options accordingly. The third option helps you to get over unwanted calls by blocking particular numbers of your choice.

Easy, huh?

Method 2 – Using Internet4Mobile

We are back with a new method to trace mobile number location easily from a website known as Internet4mobile. This method is one of the best method to trace number with an exact location. This site will provide you some details like State, Reference City etc.

Step 1: First of all, Open Internet4Mobile website.

Visit Site Now

You will see a screen like below snapshot now. trace phone number with exact location

Step 2: Enter the mobile number in Mobile Code box.

Step 3: Click  on Trace button.

Now, it will show Mobile Code, State and Reference and service provider too. (like below screenshot).trace mobile number result

So, it was all about the second method to trace mobile number with location easily by a couple of clicks.

Method 3 – Using Mobile Tracker | India

This is the third method to trace mobile online with location easily. This site is similar to Internet4Mobile, and you can easily trace location of any mobile number easily. So let’s move on.

Step 1: First of all, Visit Mobile Tracker site.

Visit Site

Step 2: Now, Enter a mobile number in the search box which you want to trace.

Step 3: Click on Trace button and it will show you a map with all details.

trace mobile number location

Wrapping Up

I hope you now know how to trace the exact location and name of unknown callers. I could have confused you with countless websites that give you nothing more than network provider and telecom circle. There’s no point in getting those details instead of exact name.

So, Truecaller is the best for that purpose. Though, we have listed three methods to trace mobile number with exact name and location easily. If you don’t need their service, you can delete your account along with every detail.

Do share this post with your buddies so that they can beat those unknown call losers.


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