Only 1 in 1000 Educated People in India Know about Blogging

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There are hundreds of keywords, people use in India for searching online money making programs but when it comes to blogging, there is no awareness in India. Very few people know  about blogging & how to make money from blogging.blogging-in-india

I am into this business from the last 8 years & came across thousands of people who wish to make money from online jobs. But even less than 1% people who contact me know about blogging.

When I explain them how easy is this to create a blog & earn some extra income from this, they tend to show disinterest towards blogging. They are only interested in some easy way of income like online data entry or form filling.

So Why No Awareness About Blogging?

Why in India there is no awareness about blogging, even though Internet users are growing rapidly. Why young Indians do not know about the art of blogging?

Well! The first reason that comes to my mind is typical India mindset. In India, everybody wants to be a doctor or an engineer. If they are more ambitious then they will end up doing MBA. That is all. They cannot think beyond doctor, engineer or MBA degree.

This traditional Indian thinking not allows the young graduates to see their career as a blogger. Usually, they consider that blogging is not a professional job.

Another great reason is the social acceptably. Blogging as a career is not seen as a respectable job compared to medical or engineering profession.

Even though, not everyone can become doctor or engineer, still the awareness is very less among other young students who are mediocre.

Not Just Lay Man Even IT Professionals Have No Idea

You will be surprised to know that, IT professionals who work in companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro even they do not have idea of blogging. Recently I came across of a person who was a senior engineer in one of the reputed IT firm & was looking for work from home option for her wife who just left the job of the same profile because she had to take care of her newly born baby.

She was handling a responsible position in her company which require a lot of hard work but here she want some easy option like data entry or typing jobs. I explained both of them how blogging can do wonder for them & even told them about the successful ladies in this field. Neither they had any idea of blogging nor they want to learn about this. They just needed easy option.

I alerted them don’t even think of data entry or typing types of jobs as 99% of online data entry are scams. So finally I suggested them to work on mTurk as this is the better option for them.

There are many people like this. They are highly paid employees however still find it difficult to blog. In blogging, they can write what happened every day in their life. It is that simple.

But again, it is the mind set I talked earlier. These professionals in their student life are only trained to be a doctor or an engineer. So they cannot think beyond this even if they are highly qualified employees.

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Moreover, if they blog regularly then after sometime they can make more money from blogging than their regular job.

Only 1 Out of 1000 is a Blogger & Even He does not Know Blogging

If one out of every thousand knows about blogging then even he does not know how to blog. They just copy content from top websites like Mashable or other and update it on their blog. Google hates plagiarized content and they fail to generate a readership for their blog.

Their blog stop receiving traffic and after few months, they leave blogging. In blogging, you have to create content, that is original and people would love to read it. Just copying from here and there will not do.

In blogging, you do not have to be a great writer, you have to communicate with your readers just casually.

People’s Attitude towards Making Money Online

Attitude of the people towards making money online is also responsible for less bloggers in India. People especially in India, still do not believe that they can make money online. They think all online jobs are fraud and not genuine.

Moreover, young graduates and working employee’s attitude regarding online business is very frivolous. They think that, they will become rich overnight. People believe that making money online is like a lottery.

Another problem is, if you want to make money online through affiliate marketing then people in India do not buy products via credit cards. Here in India people will never pull out their credit card. Hence, people’s attitude towards making money online is not so good.

Right Kind of Coaching For Making Money Online

If you want to start your career online then you would need right guidance. Otherwise, you are doomed to fail making money online. If you do not know where to start then you will be completely lost.

Online business is not monolithic, there are many ways from which you can make money. You can make through affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, blogging, etc. However, you should know the correct method to start.

You can get best guidance and coaching material right here on this website. You have to keep following our every blog post. You can also subscribe to our blog for latest updates. You will get everything that you want to know.

How Blogging Can Help You?

Finally, I would say if you want then you can become a successful blogger. In fact, there are few successful bloggers in India. In today’s world for many young Indians, blogging is a serious career choice.

Most importantly, blogging can pay you more than your regular job. Moreover, you are your own boss and free to work from home. With the help of blogging, you can sell products to online customers.

You can also bring your offline business online with a blog. Now every business needs to blog. Hence, blogging can help you a lot.

I recommend you to start blogging and later on, you can move on to running a full-fledged online business.

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