Tips & Tricks to Beat 2048 Game 2018

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Do you know how to beat 2048 game? I know how disgraceful it is to have Game Over notification every time you try to win the game. I am going to give a few tips to win 2048 game in this article. If you know how the game works, you are aware of the efforts and logical reasoning it needs.

You can follow the tips I will be sharing here to beat the game, take a screenshot and share it on social media like a boss.

How to Beat 2048 Game?

how to beat 2048

As far as I am concerned, 2048 game cheats are unavailable. So, you can’t blindly win the game by entering ‘I am gonna win dude’ or something like that using your keyboard (for the web version). If you are a developer, it is true that you can alter the code for your benefit as the game is free and open-source.

If you are new to the whole 2048 stuff, you will find the following section useful.

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Introducing 2048 Game

In fact, 2048 is a tile- based puzzle game created by a 19 -year- old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. He created the game in a week as a test to check whether he can develop a game from the scratch. The lad couldn’t even think the game will become popular. Quite surprisingly, it took the internet by storm with 5 million downloads in the first week itself.

The working of the game is simple. What you see in this game is a 4×4 tiled square. First, you can see two-three tiles there with the label 2 or 4. You should move them horizontally or vertically using the four arrow keys given on the screen. (For web version, you can use your keyboard arrows).

As you keep on moving, new numbers (either 4 or 2) will appear in the empty spots. Once the same numbers collide, they are added. Say two 4s come together at consecutive tiles, and you press the arrow key in such a way that it collides the resultant value will be 8.

You need to keep the ball rolling until the value in at least one tile matches 2048. That’s why it was named as 2048.

The score can be visible on the top-right portion of the screen.

In case you can’t move your tiles even after pressing all the four arrow keys, it means you are out of moves and eventually, you will see the Game Over notification.

How to Beat 2048 Game Fast?

Are you reading this article for a faster way to solve 2048 game? Then, you must be disappointed because there are no shortcuts at least I know. And, it takes a considerable amount of time to solve a puzzle, you know?

Read tips for how to beat 2048 below.

1. Slowly Make Each Move

You are playing a puzzle, not a racing game. Moreover, they don’t have a timer that makes your moves at once.

Hence I recommend you should have a mental calculation to preempt how the whole tile will look like after you make a particular move. I know it is going to be easy as in every other how to beat 2048 articles state.

Even though you know this basic tip for solving any timer-less puzzle game, we end up losing a lot of times. It’s because of the lack of practice in visualizing the tiles before the move.

2. Take a Side

how to beat 2048 tile game

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Choose a side and stick to it. It is the first thing you should do. As you have four directions and arrows to deal with, you may use all of them, thinking it will fuel your victory. But I do n’t believe.

As a person who wants to how to beat 2048 step by step, you need to use only one direction. Try to have some 4s and 8s on your sides.

If you played the game at least once, it’s impossible to use only one arrow all the time. I agree! Once you find it hard to use an arrow, use another one. The point is to secure your sides with moderately higher numbers.

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3. Fill the Top Row with Higher Numbers

how to play and best 2048

Once you secure your sides, tap continuously on the top arrow to fill the topmost row with higher numbers. Once you can’t operate with the upside arrow, go on with left and right. Then, again use the top arrow to double the number you have already at the tiles’ position.

I recommend overlooking the down arrow at least for now as it will create chaos in the middle of something big. Imagine the feel you have when you spot a 8 in between two 512s. Won’t that be frustrating?

Make sure you have all higher numbers on the top row.

4. Stick to a Corner

how to beat 2048 puzzle

You might have heard this a million times in other tile based games. What it here means is one should always have pivotal number(s) at corner(s). And, he/ she should keep the number at that particular position at any cost.

Then, bring the other numbers towards the corners. And, it will do the magic.

5. Build Chains

You have to build chains of numbers to beat 2048. Chains make the gameplay effortless and, you can have the higher numbers in tiles without any issues.

If you have 2, 2, 4, 8 and 16 arranged in a regular manner, you can have 32 after making a few moves. And, you will feel the pleasure in gaming on finding another 32 right next to it, making the sum a whopping 64.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you know how to beat 2048 game now. As I said earlier, you need to encounter countless failures before you get yourself into the winning streaks.

And, I hope the tips I have shared above aid you in the process of making yourself a serial 2048 game winner.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media who keeps on playing 2048 for hours desperately.


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