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Top 10 Travel Essentials you need to carry with you every time

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Whether this is your first trip or you are a seasoned globetrotter, a well planned trip may ruin when you forget to carry some basic necessities or sometimes you over pack your suitcase with unnecessary items.

If you are going for a hot place or cold place always check for the weather forecast and pack the things accordingly. For smart packing, bookmark the below travel essentials and use it when your trip gets closer.

1 Comforts

First and foremost, you should give preference to the items which provides more comfort and serves more than one purpose. Wherever you go always keep these below items with you and you will thank yourself when you find that you need them during a long trip.

If you want to fall asleep during the plane trip then get one travel pillow which is very soft and warm.

Other things you need to have for your comfort includes:

·         Eye mask

·         Ear plug

·         Sun glasses

·         Large scarf

·         Face cloth

2 Toiletries

If you don’t want to rely on complimentary products from hotels, keep your toiletry bags light by choosing each product which is less than 3.4 ounces (100 ml). In order to avoid spillage place your oil, gels or creams on the water resistant zipper bag or wrap the top with plastic wraps and tight it with elastics.

·         Tooth brush and Tooth paste*

·         Deodorant*

·         Moisturizer

·         Shampoo

·         Shaver and Shaver Gel

3 Snacks

As soon as you decide to go for a long trip, try to take something to snack on and put them in a plastic Ziploc bag. It is very important to energy up yourself when you couldn’t find any hotels to get some refreshments.

If you have to travel on the plane, keep one empty water bottle with you and before boarding fill it up at a fountain, chewing gum is the best method to reduce pressure in your ears while the plane is taking off or landing.

·         Water bottle*

·         Protein bars*

·         Chocolate

·         Gum

·         Nuts

4 Clothes

While packing, your half of the travel bag will be occupied by clothes and if you following few tricks will definitely provide you some space for storing other items too. Just roll them up and place them in your bag, if you don’t want your dress to wrinkle then place tissue paper on both sides of the cloth before rolling.

For girls, you can prefer to take some Chiffon Skirt which can be worn with most of the tops so that you can reduce the packing, similarly for boys jeans would be the apt choice.

In addition to that, press out all the air to compress your clothes even more, if the trip is for one week or one month choose the dresses which is comfortable for you.

5 Gadgets

Another travel essential that you need to carry with you is gadgets, which will help you to communicate with the people easily and to capture the beautiful moments, place the entire device’s charger in a small plastic container.

In order to protect your gadgets from any damages keep your gadgets in the center of the suitcase. One of the best methods is put a ‘fragile’ sticker on the bag so that the baggage men will keep your bags on the top of the pile and they handle it carefully.

·         Universal adapter plug

·         Charger

·         Laptop

·         Camera

·         Extra batteries

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6 Entertainment

If you are going for a long trip and you need to spend more time on travelling then you have to keep your mind busy until you reach your destination, having one of the items given below would be your best travel companion.

·         Journal, magazine or book

·         Headphones

·         E- Book reader

7 Travel Documents

With your travel documents you can get ready for the trip quickly, so collect all your documents from a travel document organizer which holds a passport, credit cards and a pen.

It’s a good idea to double check whether your passport and ID’s aren’t expired and also, emailing yourself a copy of your documents will help you. If situation goes wrong, you will be able to access all files from online, few travel documents you need to have with you during your travel indulges

·         Transportation tickets

·         Passport, Visa

·         Credit Card

·         Personal ID

·         Emergency Contacts

·         Guide book, Maps

8 Medicines

No one can take care of you in a better way that yourself, if your doctor prescribed to take some medicines regularly, and then never forget to take with you even for a single day trip. You can carry sleepaid with you while travelling as most of them feel bad when you sore while you are with your loved ones.

You can also carry a customized first aid kit which includes bandage, eye allergy drop and don’t forget your multivitamin tablets.

·         First aid kit

·         Thermometer

·         Cold and Allergy medicines

·         Insect repellent

·         Sunburn relief

9 Security Items

The easiest way to keep your belonging safe is make sure that your valuable things are close to your body and away from prying hands. We recommend you consider using a lock to close your bags and keep the important items underneath your clothes.

·         Travel lock

·         Money belt

·         Neck/Leg wallet

10 Miscellaneous

If you are going for a beach trip or planning to do a lot of shopping then you need a bag to carry the additional items. Consider these following travel essentials

·         Plastic grocery bags

·         Mini Bungee cord

·         Envelopes

·         Pillow Case

Share us your travel essential tips!



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