Top 20 Facebook Video Downloaders 2017

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Facebook Video Downloader is a software program used to ensure that the videos available on Facebook are not only downloaded, but also shared in external interaction among friends. With the advancements of science and technology, many software and apps are being developed to download facebook videos. A Facebook downloader can be an online downloader like KeepVid, a browser extension for Firefox or Chrome, or a piece of software like Keepvid Pro. Here we are going to introduce top 20 facebook video downloaders which download facebook easily. So many choice here for you, select one to download facebook videos free!

Part 1: Top 10 Facebook Video Downloaders for PC/Computer

How to download facebook videos and watch off or share to friends? As we all know, Facebook is a social networking service which users can renew their poster, photos, and videos. But, there are lots of inconvenient to watch online sometimes. So is it possible to downlaod the funny Facebook videos to our computer? Of course, you can save the facebook videos and watch offline, only if you have a Facebook video downloader. Following are the top 10 Facebook video downloaders for PC and Mac.

1. Keepvid Pro – Video Downloader

keepVid Pro is a very powerful Facebook video downloader tool that features downloading, conversion, and recording functions. It is easy to use and 3 times faster than other competitors to download facebook videos. Easy to download Facebook- just copy the link and click “+ Paste URL”. Moreover, it has many other useful functions:

  • Download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and 10,000+ pupular sites.
  • Batch download videos like playlists & channels at High Speed.
  • Download YouTube HD videos (even 1080p HD and 4k videos) and YouTube 3D videos.
  • Download high bit-rate MP3s in one-click.
  • Download Facebook videos 3X faster with task scheduler.
  • Download and convert videos in one-click.
  • Convert Facebook videos to MP3, MP4, and 150+ formats for iPhone, Android phones and various multimedia devices.
  • Record screen or any videos from online websites.
  • Transfer video to mobile phone without a USB cable.
  • A built-in video player to play videos.

facebook video downloader - Keepvid Pro

2. Freemake video downloader

The program has been wildly popular, and many users claim to never use another program once they have downloaded this tool. With the best downloading capabilities and overall immense popularity, this downloader is the only choice for savvy Facebook users today.


  • It is easy to use.
  • The overall design has been rated highly by the users.


  • The program freezes, which creates a nuisance for users at times. It is very frustrating
  • The user needs to ensure that the program is continuously monitored when the download is in progress.

Supported systems :
Windows and Linux

The program has been reviewed by Tech Radar. According to the website, it is a program that has some flaws, but the overall functionality is always in demand.

facebook video downloader - freemaker

3. YTD:

The software has the best practice in place and is therefore highly recommended for users. The video-capturing ability and the overall rating of the program have made it possible for new users to install it without any issues.


  • The program has the ability to download videos that are geographically restricted, so it is highly rated.
  • The outlook of the program is very easy to understand, making it easy for users to manipulate.


  • Once the downloading begins, the program cannot be minimized, which is the greatest con.
  • The program performs only one download at a time, meaning that it takes more time than other downloaders.

Supported system:
Windows, Linux, Mac

The program has been reviewed by CNET and they state that the ability to download videos from almost any site is not found in the majority of programs available today.

facebook video downloader - YTD

4. Ant video downloader

Apart from static images, the downloader comes with streaming video capture. This means that a Facebook user can download and watch the video at the same time, making it easier for them to avoid wasting time and still securing the videos they want.


  • The overall functionality of the program is user friendly, so it is highly recommended for users who are tired of looking for a free program.
  • The program has no reported bugs, and the updates regularly strengthen the overall capabilities of the program.


  • For some users, the program might pose an issue, as it does not support automatic capture. This has to be enabled in the settings
  • The program is heavy and consumes system resources, so it is not recommended for users with old systems.

Supported systems:
Windows, Mac

The program review from PC advisor states that users need this program a lot, as it provides them with the best range of techniques to download videos from Facebook.

facebook video downloader - Ant video downloader

5. YouTube by Click

Again, users should not be deceived by the name, as it is not a YouTube-only downloader. The program supports Facebook video download and is one of the best ways to access videos in the system with ease and satisfaction.


  • As compared to its counterparts, the program is easy to install and use, so it eliminates the complex processes posed by other options.
  • The program supports batch download, making it easy to ensure that time is saved and videos are downloaded.


  • The user needs Java functionality enabled to use the program, as it is dependent on the external functionality.
  • The program is not easy for users who are using it for the first time, as it takes some time to understand the full functionality.

Systems supported:
Windows, Linux

The review posted by Alternative To and the website praises the program for the design and the overall look, which makes users feel that the program is easy to use and download.

facebook video downloader - youtube by click

6. Keep Tube

This is yet another simple program that is light and consumes much less space than other rival programs. The overall look of the program is easy to understand and it is a practical program for users to download facebook videos.


  • It supports almost every site which it detects, as the database behind the program are large.
  • The program has been built to support Cloud technology, so it also has an online downloader to serve that purpose.


  • The program occasionally conflicts with other unrelated system apps and some people would call the program “buggy”.
  • The functionality of the program has been taken to the next level after the update, making it more difficult to understand.

Systems supported:
Sun OS, Windows, Mac

The program has been reviewed by the How to Geek. The website views that this is the only program that has so many functionalities embedded within it, meaning that users don’t really have to look elsewhere for anything else.

facebook video downloader - keep tube

7. Kigo Video Downloader

As a free converter, Kigo has lots of other features. From a large collection of more than 1,000 sites to easy functionalities, this program is regarded as one of the best options to ensure that high-quality files are delivered without any issues or problems.


  • The program comes with the best and most recent functionalities, which are developed in-house by the development team.
  • The overall look of the program is appealing, making users feel compelled to download it once the interface is seen.


  • The hardware requirements of the program are high as compared to other available options, so it is difficult for users to fulfill them.
  • The program is excellent in nature, but it has been built as a Mac-only platform, which is a disadvantage for other users.

Supported system:
Mac OS only

The software has been reviewed by File HiPpo and despite its Mac-only installation, it has been praised. Furthermore, for Mac users, no paid installation is needed once this program has been downloaded.

facebook video downloader - kigo video downloader

8. SF video downloader

The program has been developed as a Windows-only platform and has attracted many users since its inception. The features and the overall look of the program fulfill the requirements of the users and seem to be widely popularized and well received.


  • The program requires no additional software installation, which mean that it works as a standalone program.
  • The interface of the program has been developed with consideration of user quality requirements and functionality.


  • The program can sometimes shift to the non-responding mode, which is something that needs to be addressed.
  • Again, the program has been developed as a Windows-only platform, so other users with different OS cannot install it.

Supported system:
Windows only

The site Tech Radar reviewed the program and stated that although the program needs an upgrade, it still serves its purpose and can perform without any major issues or problems.

facebook video downloader - sf video downloader

9. Flash Video Downloader

The program comes with integrated batch downloading technology that has helped it lead the market. On the other hand, it supports almost every major platform and is therefore regarded as one of the leading programs in the industry.


  • The program has been regarded as the only one that can get the users’ work done faster than other rival programs.
  • The user can download the program through multiple channels, which shows its popularity and ease of downloading.


  • The user needs to install the program extension, as it would not work without it.
  • The program comes with a functionality that is difficult to understand, which requires additional time from the user to comprehend the instructions.

Supported systems:
Mac, Windows, Linux, Web / Cloud, Chrome OS, Chrome, Firefox

The program reviewed by the Softonic stated that the downloading speed is awesome and the user has no need not to worry about the downloading technique once the program has been installed and run.

facebook video downloader - flash video downloader

10. YTD downloader

The program is very easy to use and comes with a built-in player that can download facebook videos and enjoy the full functionality of the program. The user just needs to specify the download URL and the rest is left up to the program to get the user what they want!


  • The program has the ability to support numerous proxy ports, such as the SOCKET which is important for restricted video downloads.
  • The one-click download is there to make the user feel comfortable and relaxed, as nothing more is required once this feature is enabled.


  • It does not support wireless transfer functionality, so transfers to the device must be done manually.
  • Most major file transfer protocols, such as FTP, are not supported by the program and remote transfer is not possible.

Supported systems :
Mac, Windows and Linux

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The program was reviewed by File HiPpo and the website states that it is a program that has eased the life of users with its one-click functionality. The only requirements lacking are wireless transfers and FTP support.

facebook video downloader - YTD downloader

Part 2: Top 5 Facebook Video Downloaders for iPhone

Apple also has a huge fan base, so this OS and its devices cannot be neglected. For iPhone users, below are the top 5 Facebook downloader programs that should be considered before you proceed with your own research:

1. Tube Downloader

With great site support and one-click downloads, this app has ensured that users are always satisfied with its services. It is not only easy to use, but can also be downloaded from a variety of websites, as well as the app store, which shows its extreme popularity.


  • The application features one-click downloads, which save the time as well as the effort for users.
  • Downloading videos has never been this easy, making it one of the finest options on the list.


  • The app does not detect videos on the auto mode. Instead, it has to be selected manually to perform its functions.
  • The application freezes at times, which is the greatest con. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid negative user experiences.

The app review was posted by the App Store itself, praising the pros of the application, such as the one-click download feature, and the overall issue-handling and troubleshooting capabilities.

facebook video downloader - tube downloader

2. iJoomer

The design and speed of this app is something truly impressive, and it has received rave reviews from users who have downloaded it. There is regular change activity within the app log, showing that the developers work hard to continually upgrade this awesome application.


  • The application comes with the best and most recent updates, which are always released by developers to keep the program functioning at a high level.
  • The app is very easy to download and use, as the interface has been developed keeping in mind all GUI terminology.


  • The application does not support multiple downloads, so time and battery life is wasted once it’s launched.
  • The system resources are consumed by this application, so the timing is not ideal. It has to be fixed to avoid any more negative reviews.

The app has been reviewed by Alternative, and the website states that aside from putting a load on system resources, this app genuinely helps users to achieve their video download.

facebook video downloader - ijoomer

 3. Nanostudio

As the name suggests, the application is very light in its occupation of space and therefore the system load is minimal. The user needs to simply download the app and specify the URL of the download. The rest of the process is automated and happens very quickly.


  • If the user has activated the proxy, then the app detects it and alters its functionalities accordingly, which is the program’s outstanding feature.
  • The app also supports the wireless transfer of content from one device to another. Therefore, USB transfer is not required.


  • The application crashes at times in the middle of the process, so it is not recommended to download large files.
  • The outlook of the application needs to be improved, as it might seem outdated and hinder their downloading of files.

App Crawler has posted a review of the app, stating that the long-awaited functionality addition of batch download is required or else in the coming year the application will fail, as the app’s major rivals are working on this technology.

facebook video downloader - nanostudio

4. Aurora Sound Studio

For iPhone or any other iDevice, this application is very useful. Users download it due to the sleek design and the impressive downloading speed of the application, making it the top of the class on this particular list.


  • The application is easy to use and install, as the marketing of the app has been done in an awesome way.
  • It is easy to modify the settings of the application. The interface leading to it also has a simple path, so the user can use the app quickly.


  • The application goes into non-responding mode occasionally and freezes the entire phone, which is a major con that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • The updates are not as frequent as they should be, and it’s impossible for users to work with the older versions.

The review from CNET posted that the application has bugs and the fixtures should be applied as soon as possible.

facebook video downloader - Aurora Sound Studio

5. AV download

This application is often regarded as the free app. This praise is all due to the features that are available with the application. Therefore, it is the only application that does the trick for users without any hassle and additional processes.


  • It achieves faster downloads and allows the users to save time and effort.
  • The video is detected automatically and the user does not have to specify the link manually.


  • The residual files of the app are large in size and therefore create space issues for iPhones and related iDevices.
  • The user needs to download the app suite if he wants to transfer the downloaded files to a computer or any other location.

The app has been reviewed by Tech Radar, which states that the app is worth downloading due to the large number of supportive sites and the overall interface, which is very easy to understand.

Part 3: Top 5 Facebook Video Downloaders for Android

Android has also taken a major share of the market due to the fact that it is open source and therefore everyone can download the kit and become a developer. The number of android users comfortably surpasses the number of iPhone users making this platform even important. In simple words the developers of any application cannot just ignore the android users while they get ready for the new launch. The applications that could download not only the Facebook video but every video that it detects on the android phone are listed as under and therefore these are to be considered by the users before they look for the alternatives:

facebook video downloader - for android

1. AVD download video

This app knows its users best and modifies to meet their requirements. The interface and the features are awesome, which is why users have rated the app highly due to its awesome functionality.


  • The application does not slow the phone down, but actually blocks the bloatware that can harm Android phones and slow them down as time progresses.
  • The look of the app makes the process of downloading easy and error-free, making it one of the best and the most advanced apps on the market.


  • The application does not slow the phone down, but the downloading speed is slow, so it wastes the time and effort of the user.
  • The overall features of the app need improvement as compared to its rival apps, which are embedded with great functionalities.

The app has been reviewed by the Google Play Store, which says that the overall features and the outlook of the app are awesome, so it is not hard to overcome the downloading issue.

facebook video downloader - avd downloader

2. Download video

This app has proven itself to be a market leader, as it is supported by a number of additional features. The application has been regarded as one that would not only make the process of downloading easy, but also gets tasks done for users without any additional effort requirements, making it one of the best apps available.


  • The application is easy to use and the downloading speed is fast, which keeps users satisfied.
  • The best and most advanced terminologies have been embedded within the app, and are also updated from time to time


  • The application does not support proxy connections and refuses to download the video if it has been activated.
  • The transfer of content using this app is relatively hard and some users are frustrated due to the errors that occur.

Posted by App Crawler, the review says that users need to look for alternatives if the app is not working on their phone. For those users who are using this app seamlessly, it is likely the only app they will ever require.

facebook video downloader - download video

3. Download video Fast

Developed in India, this application has taken the market by storm due to its awesome speed. The user is continually presented with updates and a choice to install them. The application will definitely become a major player on the market in the future due to its awesome features.


  • The application has lightning-fast speed when it comes to content downloading, making the process very easy. One-click support is also provided.
  • The user needs to update the application from time to time, which helps users stay aware of the latest trends and technologies.


  • The app consumes the battery and system resources at a very fast pace, making it a headache for users.
  • The overall interface of the app is not easy to use, so users automatically look for alternatives.

The app was reviewed by the Google Play Store, and they praised the overall speed of the application. On the other hand, they are also worried about the negative reviews and therefore advise the developers to fix the cited issues as soon as possible.

facebook video downloader - downloader video fast

4. All video downloader

As the name suggests, apart from Facebook, the application can download vides from all renowned sites directly to the phone, making it one of the best and most advanced apps on the market. The app should be installed by users who want fast and secure download speeds.


  • The application is easy to use and there is no complex terminology embedded that would make the process difficult.
  • The app has an interface that supports multiple downloads, making it easy for the user to save time.


  • The video search only supports artist name and genre, which should be expanded to other fields, as these two are seldom used.
  • The app does not automatically notify users when downloads are finished. This function has to be enabled manually from the settings.

The app has been reviewed by PC Advisor, which states that the overall functionality of the app is awesome. The minor bugs should be corrected quickly, but other than that, the app is simply awesome.

facebook video downloader - all video downloader

5. Tube downloader

Not to be confused with the Tube downloader for iOS, this app has been specifically developed for Android phones. It is important for users to note that the sleek design and multiple threads make it the first choice of any users who want to download FB videos.


  • The application is very easy to maintain, as the frequent updates do the job for the users, leaving behind nothing for them to do.
  • The application supports wireless transfer, which is the biggest advantage of using it, as it saves time in USB data copying.


  • The application does not always respond, so developers should overcome this bug quickly to avoid negative ratings.
  • The user has to install the extension on the computer if USB transfer through this application is required, making the process even worse.

The app has been reviewed by “How to Geek” and they state that the application needs to be refurbished to meet the current trends or the growing competition will cause it to fail.

facebook video downloader - tube downloader for android

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