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Why Didn’t I Start My Blog on a Free Blog Website?

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When a blogger starts blogging, he normally chooses a free blog hosting service. Later on, they move to a premium service.

I should say they are forced to migrate to a premium service because there are serious problems with free blog websites.

free blog sites

I have jot down 10 problems with free blog website.

1. The Low Bandwidth Speed

The first and most prominent one is the bandwidth speed of the hosting site. Normally, it is good for platforms like Blogger but still it is very slow.

You will face problems while uploading your blog when traffic increases. The bandwidth speed is very low and you cannot get high speed.

It is very important that the bandwidth speed must be high so that visitors do not move away from your website. Thus low bandwidth speed is the major concern if you are hosting your blog on free platform.

2. Limited Choice for Templates and Themes

Then the next problem is designing your blog. The templates offered by free websites are very limited and not match your choice.

If you want a template which is good then it must not available because they offer very limited template design, in fact only a dozen.

Similarly, free blog websites have no themes. If they are giving themes for free then it is of very poor aesthetic.

Every blogger knows the importance of templates and themes for a blog. You cannot attract visitors to your blog if you do not have quality templates and themes.

This is a big problem with free blogging platforms.

3. Problem of Customizing Anything

You will find out customizing layouts and designs very difficult. The choice or control that is given in free blogging platform is very limited.

For example, if you want to place widgets or other controls on your blog the way you wanted then it is simply not possible.

Similarly, customizing fonts, images and videos is very difficult. You do not get variety, as options are very limited.

4. Cannot Create any Plug-Ins or Software

You cannot add any of plug-ins or software that a blog should have. Today a blog integrate all the latest technology but you cannot do with a free blog site.

You cannot integrate software like

  1. Forum Software
  2. Mail Software
  3. Billing Software
  4. Survey Software
  5. Chat Software

This software are must for any blog to get traffic and generate revenue. You will find it very difficult to integrate above mentioned technologies to your free blog.

Even if you are able to integrate them then you do not have control over them or they do not work the way you want.

5. Placing Advertisements on Your Blog

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You run a blog to make money and generate revenue. But a free blog website does NOT allow you to generate the amount of money you wanted.

You will not able to make profit for the hard work you are putting just because you will find very difficult to place advertisements on your blog.

The reason for this is you do not have control over the layout of your blog. As I said earlier the free template that you chose will not allow placing advertisement the way you wanted.

A lot of money you have to leave on table just because you do not have enough control on free blogging platform.

6. Not Design to Reduce Bounce Rate

Keeping visitors on to your blog is very important to generate sales from affiliate marketing or revenue through other channels. But with a free hosting you can do it.

You do not have any means to reduce bounce rate by preventing visitors to move away from your website.

Lack of good template, themes and proper design increases the bounce rate. So you will face serious problems when you are using free hosting platform.

7. Cannot Create Account for other Guest Bloggers and Give Permission

If you want to invite other bloggers for writing on your blog then you cannot do. It is very difficult to grant permission or to create an account for them on free hosting platform.

This is a serious limitation of free blog website. On the other hand, for a premium service you can do this very easily.

Therefore this is the reason why I would not like to host my blog on a free platform.

8. Very Poor Navigation Structure of a Free Blog

The navigation structure of a free blog is very poor. If you have noticed on a free blog it is very difficult navigating to other pages because it is not arranged properly.

Your visitors will not stay on the blog for long because you do not have proper navigation to send them to other blog posts.

Lack of design in a free blog website does not allow you to create a smooth navigating structure.

9. Not Being Able to Create a Brand of Your Blog and as a Blogger

Because of above mentioned 8 problems with free hosting platform you cannot build a name or brand of your blog and as a blogger.

It is very important that you develop a brand name for your blog over the period of time. Every blogger works hard to achieve this but if your blog does not have all those things that it needs then you will fail to make your presence on Internet.

If you are serious about blogging then never rely on free hosting platforms.

10. No Chance to become Web Entrepreneur from a Blogger

Finally, if I conclude everything what we talked above then I would say free blogging website would never allow you to become a web entrepreneur from a blogger.

On the internet, you start as a blogger and then you become a webmaster with his own small business.

Do allow this to happen and make a right decision. It is better for choose a hosting platform that offers everything to become a successful web entrepreneur.

Never go for a free blog hosting platform. You can start with it but move to good hosting platform as soon as possible.

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