10 best Google search tips and tricks you need to know about By Rafomac

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Google has revealed that its search engine is now getting more queries from mobile devices than desktops in 10 countries, including the US and Japan. In light of the announcement, made on May 5, here are 10 Google search tips and tricks for mobile you might not know.

androidpit google search 4
Here are the Google search tips and tricks you never knew existed. / © ANDROIDPIT
Note: while there are some discrepancies between functionality of the Chrome desktop browser and phone browser (like that cool “flip a coin” search trick which doesn’t work in the mobile app), the tips outlined below are all available on mobile.  

1. Episodes of your favorite TV shows

You can use Google to search broadcast dates of all your favorite TV shows, such as Game of Thrones. What’s more, tapping on an episode will make it become the Google search criteria, bringing up more useful information about it. Hey, what about Ned Stark’s head coming back on the Mountain’s body, eh? Who saw that coming?

androidpit google search tips tv show episodes
Search for episodes of your favorite TV shows. / © ANDROIDPIT


2. Holidays

Sure, you probably know when Independence Day is, but there’s no harm in making sure. Thankfully, Google has a way to do that; just throw a holiday name into Google and its date will pop straight up. I wish it could tell me when my mother’s birthday was, though.

androidpit google search tips public holidays
Search for a specific holiday to learn the date at which it will arrive. / © ANDROIDPIT


3. The big game

Find out the latest scores of your favorite sports teams. Just search for the team names and put “vs” between them – it even works with their nicknames. Never miss out on the Phillies losing another game again.

androidpit google search tips sports games
Search “[team name] vs [team name]” to get the latest sport scores. / © ANDROIDPIT


4. Brown rice vs White rice comparison: which is better?

Google can compare the nutritional information of your favorite foods with a “vs” typed between them, too. It’s a piece of cake. Actually, make that a piece of rice cake…I’m on a diet.

androidpit google search tips food info
Using Google to search for the nutritional information of foods is a great way to help you stay healthy. / © ANDROIDPIT


5. How many pints did I drink last night?

Google can be used to quickly convert measurements for length, speed, volume and many others. Just search for conversion calculator.

androidpit google search tips conversions
This tool comes in handy when you’re trying to convert prices into other currencies. / © ANDROIDPIT


6. Graphs

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Everyone loves a nice graph, right? Graphs are great, and Google can show you some of the best. Just type graph before a trigonometric function and watch Google do the work. Go on, type tan(x) into Google. Do it.

androidpit google search tips graphs
Here’s a trigonometric graph. Lovely. / © ANDROIDPIT


7. What time is it where you are?

It’s easy to find out what the time is in different regions by searching “time” or “time in” followed by that place. You can even search by time zone in the same way.

androidpit google search tips time zone
When does IFA 2015 begin in your time zone? Google will help you find out. / © ANDROIDPIT


8. Come fly with me

Google flights is an excellent way to check flight times and prices. Just search “flights to [destination]” and you will be given a list of potential flights, times and prices.

androidpit google search tips flights
Make sure you check Google flights before making your next trip to see if you can find a better deal. / © ANDROIDPIT


9. Timer

Never burn that pizza again with Google’s timer. Type “timer” into the search bar to set a countdown and when the time is up you will be notified by a beeping sound. Make sure your phone’s media volume is turned up if you don’t want to miss it.

androidpit google search tips timer
You don’t have to set the timer at 4 minutes and 54 seconds – choose whatever you like. / © ANDROIDPIT


10. Places to visit

Type “things to see” or “things to do” followed by a location and Google will provide a list of popular attractions in the area. Nice.

androidpit google search tips things to see in
I find myself using this Google search feature an awful lot. / © ANDROIDPIT


Bonus: Find my phone

This search doesn’t work on your Android phone, but it can help you find it if you’ve lost it. Type “find my phone” into Google from a computer to see your phone’s current location.
Did you learn anything from any of these Google search tips and tricks? Tell us in the comments below.

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