Are You Mixing Blogging with Affiliate Marketing?

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The title of the blog post is quite interesting as it ask you a question, are you mixing blogging with affiliate marketing. In fact, you could put this question in other way and say are you mixing passion with money.

blogging vs affiliate marketing

Well! It does happen because even I did, when I started my blogging career. We tend to mix blogging and affiliate marketing together. There is a reason for doing this and we shall discuss later in this blog.

This post will try to shed some light on blogging and its difference with marketing. You will also get to know which one of them is good for you. Hence keep reading this post.

Are You a Blogger or a Marketer?

Before you find out whether you are mixing blogging with affiliate marketing or not, first, you need to decide whether you are a blogger or a marketer.

A blogger is quite different from a marketer. Even marketers also have a blog but they are different from a blogger’s. Blogging is more to do with your passion for writing and relating with your readers.

However a marketer is for selling his or her product. Even he or she has to write sales letter to convince people but it is different from regular blogs.

Therefore, in which category you see yourself, in blogging or in marketing. You need to know yourself because according to that you have to shape your blog.

How Blogging is Different from Affiliate Marketing

I already shed some light on being a blogger and a marketer. In the paragraph, we will talk more about it.

A blog running with a passion for blogging is different from a blog running for the purpose of marketing. As I said earlier, blogging is your passion and affiliate marketing is only for money.

In blogging, you have passion for writing and you do not care about the money. Here satisfaction comes when your readers appreciates your blog posts. You need more of writing skills.

On the other hand in affiliate marketing you have to know about marketing aspect rather writing. You do create sales page but that is normally outsourced to a writer.

Hence, there is a clear difference between blogging and affiliate marketing.

Which is More Profitable: Money Through Blogging or Through Affiliate Marketing

Well! This is a million dollar question which is more profitable. My obvious answer would be affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing could pay you 3 to 4 times more than blogging. If you are running contextual advertisements for blogging then you will be paid around 20 cents to $1 dollar for one click. So an average blogger ends up making $20 to $30 per day.

However, in affiliate marketing you are selling and one sale could give you $10 to $30. You could see the clear difference. Although, not every single visitor on your blog would come and buy your products but still the difference is huge.

Hence, from a tentative analysis you could say affiliate marketing pays you 3 to 4 times more than blogging, if you put same effort for both.

Again I am repeating, blogging needs passion and innocence for writing but marketing requires shrewdness and cleverness.

Why Bloggers Tend to Mix Blogging with Affiliate Marketing?

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It is quite normal, that a novice blogger tries to mix blogging with affiliate marketing. As I said earlier in this blog, both of them are two different things.

However, still bloggers commit this mistake. In fact, I committed this mistake when I started blogging and the reason was very obvious and simple. It is the money factor.

Affiliate marketing could pay you hell lot of money compared to advertisements shown on your blog.

A new blogger goes to Clickbank or Amazon and chooses a product that pays good commission, say $50 for one sale and he starts promoting it. Then he starts blogging, in order to make at least one sale per day and he does makes one sale per day.

On the other hand, money that a blogger generates through advertisements are few dollars or few cents for clicks and per thousands impressions.

Hence, bloggers tend to mix blogging with affiliate marketing out of greed that money they see in the later one in much higher.

How could you Avoid, Mixing Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

As a blogger, I would suggest you to focus more on blogging rather on affiliate marketing. Therefore, you must avoid mixing both of them when you are blogging.

The best way to do is by following your passion or hobby. You cannot start a blog on random subject or topic. You could only start a blog on a topic which you know or that is close to your heart.

If your passion is music then just write about music, if it is cooking then blog for cooking, similarly you know regarding gadgets and technology then blog only on it.

I mean to say, just focus on blogging about a particular subject. For now just give a damn about affiliate marketing.

Which One of Them Would Suit you?

This point has already been debated. But still I want to tell something more about it. If you are a novice or a new blogger then focus only on blogging, do not even bother about affiliate marketing.

Initially, you need to develop writing skills rather going blindly behind money. You could only sell, if you write a good sales letter or a blog.

Therefore, you need to focus on blogging only. Later on with experience you can quadruple your income with affiliate marketing.

Finally, Choice is Yours

Although, I have shared everything with you but in the end it is up to you which one you want to choose.

Here is a caution, give more time and focus on honing your writing skills. You need to know how you can communicate with your readers. Later on, you can convert same readers to potential customers.

So affiliate marketing is not that difficult, if you give importance to writing. Once you can get readers to your blog then these readers would definitely buy something from you.

But again choice is yours and I hope you will make a right decision.


Finally, I would say blogging and affiliate marketing go hand in hand only if you first focus on blogging then move on to affiliate marketing.

As a new blogger you cannot start with affiliate marketing. Hence focus on blogging then start selling products. Thus, do NOT try to mix both of them.

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