How is Blogging Trend in India?

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Last month, I attended the Indi Bloggers meet organized by the Zee TV in my home city, Mumbai. Like me, there were hundreds of young and budding bloggers.

All were filled with hope in their eyes that one day they would become a successful blogger. After attending the bloggers meet, I realized that the blogging trend in India is really on a rise.

Young generation is truly committed to blogging and willing to go to  any extent to pursue blogging as their career.The reason why I am making this statement is because most the bloggers that I met in the meeting were in age group of 17 to 25 years.

blogging trend in india

One could imagine the awareness about blogging in our younger generation.

However, we should also be aware of overall reality of India. Still in India not everyone knows about blogging.

If you do exact research then you would come to know that only affluent people living in urban cities are interested in blogging. We will dig deep inside this point later in the article.

Moreover, blogging is a platform that everyone, party or a group, wants to use it and propagate what is good for them.

Here, I mean big organizations, businesses and even government wants to use blogging to expand their influence.

Blogging is not only used by individuals but also by big companies.

But how are blogging-trends in India? If we need to know the prevailing trends then we have to understand who all these bloggers are and what they are writing.

Let us know more about it.

Age Group of Bloggers

Interestingly, if you look into the ages of bloggers then you would find Indian bloggers are mainly from 16 years old to 35 years old.

However, 80% of our bloggers fall under the age group of 16 years to 25 years old. These bloggers are college goers and fresher just completed their graduation.

Then, there are bloggers who are above 25 years old and their maximum age could be 40 years. There are hardly any blogger in their fifties or sixties.

So bloggers in India are mainly a young crowd.

Women Bloggers

It is amazing that there are many women bloggers in India. Women bloggers are mainly housewife or you can say they are married.

Women bloggers are much serious compared to their male counterpart. If you notice their blog, they will keep updating new content every day.

However, there are few female bloggers in India compared to men. They are not like young girls but quite mature.

Their topic or niche of the blog ranges from blogging to beauty to parenting tips. Only few women blogger in India write for technology.

Professional or Part Time

Now you need to know how many of the Indian bloggers are professional and how many write on part time basis.

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This is a fact that most of the blogger write on part time basis and they do not take blogging seriously. Blogging for them is an easy source of money and they think it can make them money quickly.

On the other hand, there are professional bloggers who dedicate their full time for blogging. Professional bloggers are mainly in the age group of 30’s.

This is a reality that still most of the bloggers are blogging for part time only few are blogging on full time basis.

Niche or Topics on they Blog

You might be interested in knowing the topic on which they are blogging. In India, there is one topic which dominates over all other and that is technology and blogging itself.

Every other blogger who starts blogging will either blog about blogging tips or technology like gadgets and how to tips.

Only few bloggers write about finance, beauty, health or politics. You would find new blogs which are coming are either about blogging or about technology.

Topics on Which They Do Not Blog

As I said earlier you will find very less blog on finance, health, politics, travelling etc. Indian bloggers do not write much on these topics.

Most of the bloggers are only interested in writing about technology or blogging.

Check these top 10 niches in blogging.

Average Income

This is very important to know how much bloggers are earning in India.

An average blogger who is blogging on part time basis could make up to $100 per month.

If he is full time blogger then he could earn up to $500 per month.

A professional blogger could easily make in between $1000 to $2000 monthly.

However, top bloggers or celebrity bloggers in India are making $5000 to $25,000 per month.

As a matter of fact in blogging you do not make money so easily. Even to earn $100 you need to work hard for many months.

Companies in Blogging

As I said earlier, now not only individual bloggers but large companies are also interested in blogging.

Therefore, there are companies who maintain and update their blog on daily basis.

Google is one of them. MSN, Nokia and even many small businesses are maintaining their blog on regular basis.

In conclusion I would say blogging trend in India is going to rise and more people would be joining blogosphere in coming days.

Blogging could be a great career choice if you take it seriously.

If you live in urban cities then blogging would be great for you because you could find many coaching and training centers.

However, blogging is still not in mainstream. So still you will find bloggers in India confined only to metropolitan cities.

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