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Top 10 Blogs You Should Follow for Successful Blogging

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If you are a new blogger and very confused how to move forward then this article could be a great help for you. As you know blogging is a vast subject and you have to work on different things at one time.

If you miss even one aspect of it then your blog could fail. Hence, you have to see that you are working on all the aspects of blogging. However, this could be a great challenge for a new blogger because his or her knowledge about the subject is very limited.

You cannot expect a newcomer to know everything about blogging. Whether it is getting an inspiration for writing, or creating great content or even SEO, you have to know who all the best in business are. You could look up to them and learn something and implement those things into your own blog. You need to take care of things like blog design, quality content, videos, SEO, Adsense monetization, traffic generation, affiliate marketing and last but not the least security of your blog.

Blogs to Follow

If you work on all these things one by one then your blog could be successful.

Therefore, in this article we discussed all these things one by one in great details. If you want to be a successful blogger then follow these 10 types of blogs.

1. Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, TheNextWeb for Daily Idea

After you have decided on the niche of your blog, you need to write about it daily. Creating a blog post daily is the most challenging job for a blogger. You need to get an inspiration on daily basis.

Although there could be many ways to get ideas but for a new blogger the top blogs to get ideas are Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and TheNextWeb etc.

Mashable is the best if you’re blogging for technology and gadget related stuff.

According to my experience, I must say the best way to get inspired is by observing things that goes around you. You should meet people of your interest find out things from them.

You could also look at the mainstream media and other companies that affect our daily life.

Channels on YouTube, people on twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn etc are some of the best ways to get an inspiration daily for a new blog post.

2. Chris Lema, Creative Blog, DIYThemes for Website Design and Themes

Now you’ve decided for the daily Idea, you need to look at the designing aspect of your blog. Many bloggers fail because their blog is not properly designed. If look and feel of your blog is ugly then visitors might get turned away as they land on the blog.

Hence, you need to choose on write template and themes once you start your new website. Chris Lema could give you some of the best tips regarding WordPress (I consider you are using WP) for setting up your new blog. His website is an authority on this.

You could find various blogs on WordPress topics and learn from it. Similarly there is another great site knows as for choosing themes for your new blog.

Never compromise on the good design of your blogs. Hence, find out some best designing practices from these websites.

3. CopyBlogger and DailyWritingTips for Creating Quality Content

After you have worked on the designing aspect of your blog, now you need to focus on creating some great content. In first point, I told you to get inspiration or an idea to write a blog post.

You need to sit and write it down a blog post containing 1000 to 1200 words. For that you need to know what goes inside writing a great content that would make every reader to love it.

I would suggest two blogs and DailyWritingTips for writing great content. Seth Godin of has some great insight on creating content.

Moreover, in order to write great content you need to read blogs written by some of the top bloggers in your niche. You could find top notch bloggers from every niche who are creating some of the great content.

4. Video Maker for Creating Videos

Continuing with the content part, in order to make it more effective you need to create and include some videos in it. Creating videos that people would love to watch is not that easy.

Video adds great value to your content. It makes it more interesting and brings some more traffic to your blog. In fact, video content is the future of blogging and that is why many are focusing on video blogging rather blogging.

Hence, you need to create videos with great content which is technically superior. So VideoMaker gives you some important tips about creating videos.

But to create content of the video you could look for some of the video bloggers on YouTube. In fact, there are many successful channels on YouTube with over a million subscribers.

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You need to take a look at them and find out how they are creating content. Some of them are

5. Moz for SEO of the Blog

Now comes the most important part if you ever have to become a successful blogger, the SEO is the trickiest part of blogging and if you don’t know about it then you might fail to rank your blog on a search engine mainly Google.

All your traffic and money depends upon the SEO. Although there are hundreds of SEO blog online but one of the authority blog is Moz.

Moz perhaps is the most popular SEO company that not only offers solution but also some great content on latest SEO practices and tips. On this blog, many SEO experts contribute and write posts from their vast experience about this field.

You couldn’t afford to pay for their services but you could certainly read their articles and implement it on your blog.

There are white hat and grey hat SEO techniques. Some of the SEO Gurus on twitter are

  • for Matt Cutts
  • for Search Engine Land
  • for Danny Sullivan
  • for Avinash Kaushik
  • for AJ Ghergich
  • for SEO Book

6. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger for Art of Blogging

Blogging still remains an art not a science. Hence, if you have to master this art then you need to follow the experts.

Some of the great names in blogging are Darren Rowse of, Anil Dash of, Amit Aggarwal of Labnol.

You could subscribe to their blog and read their posts to find out their style of blogging. There are many bloggers and it depends upon the niche or topic you are blogging in.

Hence, you need find bloggers in your niche and follow them. You would learn how they create unique and valuable content that people loves to read it.

7. Amit Aggarwal of Labnol for Google Adsense Monetization

A new blogger always desires to make money out of his or her new blog. Hence, before any other thing he would like to integrate Google Adsense program into his blog.

If you want to monetize your blog with Adsense then you should learn to do so from the Amit Aggarwal’s blog Labnol. His blog has made a lot of money from this program.

In fact, one year after starting this blog, Amit Agarwal made some Rs 10 lacs per month from this blog only through Adsense program. There are many bloggers in India like him who makes big money from AdSense & other programs.

He has written some great articles on monetizing your blog for Google Adsense. In fact, you could see Adsense ads in-action on his every blog post.

You could observe how and where he places his ads. You could also notice the kind of adsense ads he is using. So follow Labnol here and apart from this you could also follow Google’s to find out more.

8. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income for Affiliate Marketing

Now affiliate marketing is the ultimate dream of every blogger. It is because this is where you could make a lot of money in quick time. However, making money from affiliate marketing is the most difficult part.

Just art of blogging wouldn’t work here, you need to learn how to sell products. There are hardly any bloggers who are successful with affiliate marketing.

But there is one guy who has become a phenomenon when it comes to affiliate marketing. His name is Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome. On an average he makes more than $50,000 per month through various channels.

He writes mainly about making money online and uses blog and videos to create great content. If you want to learn the art of selling then do follow his blogs and know how he writes and create contents.

9. TraffUp, Social Media Today for Free Traffic

Although SEO is a great way to generate traffic through organic searches but in today’s world SEO is changing rapidly and you cannot rely on it. Hence you need to learn some other techniques also to get traffic. is a great way to generate some free traffic to your website. Similarly you could learn to get social media traffic from SocialMediaToday also.

There are many ways to get traffic but these two websites could help you in getting some free traffic to your blog quickly.

10. KrebsOnSecurity for Blog Security

Security of your blog is very important if you want to prevent all your hard work from getting hacked.

According to me KrebsOnSecurity is the best blog on security. Brain Krebs runs KrebsOnSecurity and he writes about securing your blog from being hacked. You could find many other security blogs on going to Google.

Before you start your blog, look at these 10 different types of blogs if you want to be successful in blogging

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