Top 10 Engagement Ring Designers in 2018

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Love has a lot of definitions that may vary from one person to another, but what is most important about love is having the ability to be yourself around your partner without any boundaries or restrictions as well as being able to love them unconditionally. Unconditional love is the ability to give without waiting for anything in return; on the other hand, it is essential that both partners exert effort in making the relationship work. To get into the core of the topic, love can be defined according your own terms, but what is more important that defining it is have the persistence to show it in the best ways possible, assuring your significant other your willingness to share every single detail in your life with them for as long as it can be. Proposing has become an absolute mean to deliver your inclination in a romantic and affectionate way and nothing can actually beat that feeling of wanting to spend the rest of your life with your favorite person on earth.
However, in order to propose, you will need to get that magical piece that will speak for you. Yes, you guessed that right, you need an engagement ring. That little piece on the finger that tell a lot despite its size; it has a great significance in relationships, showing affection and the vow of always being there through thick and thin. Having an engagement party can be an efficient way to celebrate your long-lasting and one of its kind love, but parties are meant to stay for a few hours and then the hustle and bustle clears out. On the hand, you need something that will last forever, reminding you of every second you both spent in loving each other, how romantic! Well, you will need to gain information about the best engagement ring designers in the world, to offer your significant other a classy piece as a sign of commitment. Check this list out.

10 Charles and Colvard
Charles and Colvard are deemed to be the sole and the most significant supplier of Moissanite on the planet. Moissanite is known as the brightest gemstone that can be ever found. They founded their brand in 1995 and started making wedding and engagement rings, using moissanite. Moissanite was able to enhance the beauty and the elegance of the ring, so it was vastly used for creating different rings; not only because they are rare and bright, but also because they were way cheaper than diamonds and they were highly demanded by couples.
Its classiness that moissanite is able to provide makes perfect for creating exceptionally dazzling engagement rings. On the other hand, Charles and Colvard are famous for designing most of the rings made of 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold or palladium.

9 Martin Katz

Martin Katz is a well-known designer who has launched his jewelry brand, labeled under his own name, back in 1998. He has been thriving ever since; however, he has also launched his very first bridal collection. Katz call this collection the Old Soul, for it features a set of classic rings that have a touchy side, making it look sensational and perfect.

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8 Jade Lustig


Jade Kustig is the founder and creative director of Jade Trau. She has been famous for her personal designs, for they are always inspired by her own experiences as a mother as well as a wife. Her first collection of engagement rings was launched in 2011. They are known for being delicate and luxurious.

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7 Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier is a well-known designer that has exceled in the field of bridal dresses designs. In 2012, she launched a line of jewelry designs for Blue Nile that were inspired by her latest collection of bridal dresses. Her line may have not been around as long as the other collections of classic jewelry designs, but she succeeded in highly performing among the other brands in the market. She has been famous for her feminine and glamour collection of jewelry designs.

6 Leigh Plessner & Rony Vardi of Catbird

Catbird was founded by both Leigh Plessner and Rony Vardi who started from scratch until they were able to let this brand be as successful as the most leading ones in the market. Rony Vardi actually bought low-priced store located in a street in Williamsburg and had the assistance of her family and friends in building this store up, naming it Catbird. This store was initially used for selling a variety of stuff, including clothes and crafting materials.
Rony was talented in making jewelry and that was what she used to do while sitting in her own store, receiving some help from talented jewelers. Some of her handmade pieces were offered for sale in the store; she enjoyed displaying them to the customer and watching them happily buying her pieces and that was the reason Catbird was turned into one of the best jewelry manufacturers around the world. In 2014, Catbird launched The Swans- which was a line of wedding and engagement rings.

5 Eva Zuckerman

Eva Zuckerman is the founder of Eva Fehren. She created a white collection in 2014 that is dedicated for engagement rings. Her rings are known for being made with precious metal as well as unique materials.


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4 Vera Wang

Vera Wang is the founder of Vera Wang Love Collection. Her philosophy is to “enhance the beauty of any bride” helped in creating simple pieces that are made with elegance and uniqueness. The collection of her engagement rings has been around since 2011.


3 Pratima and Prerna Sethi

The Sethi sisters, Pratima and Prerna, have been known for their simple designs. They started their very first bridal collection of rings back in 2011. They are the founder of Sethi Couture- San Francisco-based fine jewelry brand.


2 Jessica McCormack

Jessica has been handcrafting her own jewelry since 2008. She opened her London House in 2013 where she provides her clients with exceptional designs and unusual collections of engagement rings.


1 Verragio

 Barry Verragio has been working as a jewelry designer for about two decades, succeeding in being one of the most prominent designers in this industry. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Barry Verragio had the opportunity to master the designing of rings and his designs became popular among couple for being interestingly captivating especially that he is capable of producing a unique piece of jewelry by combining gold with diamonds.




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