Top 10 Photographers Edit Services

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When you type “photographers edit services” in search, it’s very difficult to choose what service you should use. I believe the professional photo editing service has the following features:

  • Acceptable photo retouching quality.
  • Clear and affordable photo retouching price list.
  • Following the photographer’s style and preferences.
  • Fast turnaround and available revisions.
  • Not overdo with photo editing – natural look.
  • Good customer support.
  • Attractive and user-friendly website design.
  • Fast and simple placing order.
  • Easy and safety payment system.

In order to help you in your choice, I sent the same photo from my previous photo session to several photo editing services that are on the top. I compared them and made my photo retouching services reviews  according to the following aspects:

Quality of photo retouching is the quality standards (color correction, face and body enhancement, natural look, detailed photo retouching) that are aimed at providing useful photo retouching that photographers may confidently use in their work.

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Service convenience is how much time you spend on placing the order, paying for it, do you need somebody’s help to register, how fast and professional customer support works, does it understand photo retouching and can answer all questions, does the website have before and after examples of their work.

Type of photo retouching – are characteristics of photo retouching services they suggest.

Speed of work is how quickly the photographers edit services deliver the finished images.

I told all photo editing services that my photo will be used for my portfolio, so I need a deep photo retouching and good final shot in high resolution. So, I reviewed all minor flaws which hadn’t been improved by the services or were overdone. Let’s get start!

1 FixThePhoto

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Quality of photo retouching – Wonderful color correction, colors look very vivid. Natural and pink skin – very realistic. Excellent work with the background, it looks shadeless and smoothed. The threads and an ugly hole on her jeans are removed.

Service convenience – There is everything you need on the site – thousands of before and after photo examples, clear price lists, a useful blog, freebies, a shop with Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, brushes, overlays, textures. The customer support is at a high level and I was amazed by cheap retouching services compared to other services.

Type of photo retouching – The company has lots of them – 18 types of photographers edit services for any photographer, from portrait and wedding retouching, to restoration and photo manipulation. There are very specific types of photo retouching that are good if you photograph, for example, only cars or newborns.

Speed of work – A bit longer than 1 day.

Service specialization– It will suit any photographer. Multilingual customer service.

2 WeEdit.Photos

Quality of photo retouching – It is the second best result that I have received. Professional work with colors and light, I like the neck shape correction. They made a very good hair retouch, refreshing the hair by lifting the ponytail.

Service convenience – The site is very bright and stylish. The portfolio page is full of different portrait photos with various photo effects. Fancy navigation, reliable pricing, and friendly people.

Type of photo retouching – Only 4 general types, differing in price, complexity and amount of work done – Color correction, Basic, Pro, Extra.

Speed of work – 2 days.

Service specialization – I’d recommend this company to the event, portrait photographers and lifestyle shooters.

3 Nuderetouching

Quality of photo retouching – I like how they worked over the light reflections, especially on her face. As the result, there is no original yellowness on the photo. The unevenness of the skin is pleasantly smoothed as from the magazine’s cover, the hair is enlarged in volume, the background is one-toned, but slightly darkened.

Service convenience – The site has a simple but stylish interface, the gallery is filled with bright and colorful examples of photo retouching; there is also a very detailed description of what each type of retouching includes. Placing your order can be made directly on the site in a couple of minutes.

Type of photo retouching – There are 6 types of photo editing services for photographers, with even a separate type for retouching exclusively B/W photos.

Speed of work – 1 working day.

Service specialization – Boudoir photo retouching, pin-up photos editing and body reshaping. They are specialists in skin retouching.

4 Wedding-retouching

Quality of photo retouching – Everything is just perfect here; they smoothed the fabric on the shirt, applied professional and NATURAL color correction, although I think jeans are slightly contrasted from the general background but I like this color so much. I like the way they do stray hair removal and mask her hand.

Service convenience – The site has an excellent modern design, understandable interface, and the menu on the left, which is always with you while moving through the pages. Customer service is truly wonderful. A manager from the chat box helped me find the level of high-end retouching services I need.

Type of photo retouching – This service specializes in wedding photo editing services and includes 8 types of portrait photo retouching.

Speed of work – 48 hours.

Service specialization – They do wedding photo editing, They also offer a pack of photo retouching services for weddings. They do not retouch e-commerce photos.

5 HighEndBeautyRetouching

Quality of photo retouching – Excellent work with skin and color correction; the background is monochromatic, but darkish. The finger in her hair wasn’t removed.

Service convenience – A good portfolio with many magazine before and after photos; the site is logically designed, everything is quite simple and conveniently located. They don’t provide cheap retouching services, so be ready to pay much money for quality work. No annoying advertisement and hidden payments.

Type of photo retouching – 10 types of high end outsource Photoshop editing: 5 of them are general image retouching (Glamor photo retouching, Magazine retouching) and 5 are narrow-focused (Hair retouching, Skin retouch).

Speed of work – 2 days.

Service specialization – For fashion, experienced photographers, who need something more than basic portrait edit and color correction. For people who need the photos edited well in high resolution.

6 Photofix

Quality of photo retouching – You can see a small body reshape and some skin imperfections removal. I cannot single out other positive moments. If you do not look closer, you might think that there are almost no changes. The color correction is not visible at all.

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Service convenience – Old website’s design together with bad before and after samples. These guys need a web designer immediately!

Type of photo retouching – 4 standard types of photographers edit services are provided: Basic, Advanced, Photo-Art, and Premium (photo restoration and photo manipulation).

Speed of work – They needed 3 days to accomplish the task.

Service specialization – This website provides all types of image editing services, but I would not recommend it.

7 Tucia

Quality of photo retouching – Good color correction, natural skin. I like the way they changed the color of the jeans to a more pleasant one. In general, the photo looks pretty well.

Service convenience – Simple and pleasant website. Services ordering is very convenient and fast.

Type of photo retouching – There are only 2 types: Basic photo editing services, which includes all kinds of photo changes except photo manipulations and Extensive retouching, which includes only photo manipulations.

Speed of work – 1 day.

Service specialization – The site specializes in stylized manipulations in the Asian style, so it will not suit everyone because of this peculiarity.

8 ColorexpertBD

Quality of photo retouching – Here we see a good color correction work, but complete disregard of the removal of minor defects on the skin. Overall, it is very basic photo editing services but not for printing or advertisement.

Service convenience – The site has a very complex structure; it takes much time to understand what and how.

Type of photo retouching – The company offers 4 main types of beauty retouching services, which are further subdivided into 4 subgroups. In fact, they do anything you can imagine even 3D modeling and video editing.

Speed of work – The next day, after placing an order I got the finished photo.

Service specialization – Judging by the works presented on their website, these guys specialize in product photography retouching. By the way, the examples on the site are pretty good.

9 Picsera

Quality of photo retouching – Judging by the changes made, you can note a basic background enhancement, light skin and clothes blemishes removal, as well as an attempt to make a natural color correction, but because of the wrong white balance, the photo became boring.

Service convenience – The site is very large and multilayered; the given before and after examples are boring and do not catch my attention. Still, they have a very good customer service, moderate photo retouching prices and I made an order very quickly.

Type of photo retouching – There are lots of them – 3 main types are Portrait, Commercial and Real estate, that are further divided into dozens of subtypes.

Speed of work – 3 days after an order was made.

Service specialization – Most of their works are commercial and real estate photo editing. The quality of these types of photo editing services for photographers is quite impressive on their samples.

10 RetouchUp

Quality of photo retouching – I see a small body reshape and an attempt to make good color correction, but the photo looks slightly yellow.

Service convenience – The site is very convenient. They offer only 6 kinds of image editing services but most of the examples are boring and monotonous. You have to go through a very time-consuming registration before you can make an order. I spend 20 minutes to place my order.

Type of photo retouching – There are 3 levels of outsourcing Photoshop editing and 3 separate services as Clipping Path, Standard Color Correction, Photo Restoration.

Speed of work – 24 hours after placing the order.

Service specialization – It does not have a definite specialization; it mainly deals with basic photo retouching and restoration.

 Why Photographers Edit and ShootDotEdit are not in on list? 

Speaking about PhotographerEdit, the service looks quite professional. I was very pleased with the prices that are below the market ones. Photo editing time is quite long, it starts from 3 days (from December to June) to 12 days (from September to November). I do not know what it is connected with, but it’s a nonsense. The examples of works are very beautiful, but there are no before and after images to examine their services. Moreover, all photos are connected to their Instagram account, which makes it impossible to view them in high resolution. When placing the order, you need to go through several registrations, which is very annoying. 5 days left after sending my photos with recommendations and no answer was received. I addressed to their customers’ service but was ignored.

ShootDotEdit is one of the most popular photo retouching services online, so I had great hopes turning to their help. First, let’s discuss their website. Unfortunately, I did not find any examples of their photo retouching. I decided not to book their services – it’s impossible to place the order to edit 1 single shot! Even if you have 5-10 photos, this is impossible too. ShootDotEdit works on the annual subscription system, it means you have to pay at least $119 a month to retouch 700 images. As I understand, they specialize in bulk orders, this is a good choice for wedding and event photographers. If you do not take pictures in such huge quantities, then this service is not for you.

 Summig up: 

To my mind, the best photo editing services for photographers are:

  • FixThePhoto
  •  WeEdit.Photos
  •  Nuderetouching
  •  Wedding-retouching
  •  HighEndBeautyRetouching

The following websites are the outsiders of my list:

  • RetouchUp
  •  Tucia
  •  ColorexpertBD
  •  Photofix
  • FotoFix

Before choosing a service, pay attention to the photo retouching services reviews of other photographers, examples of their work, website design and specialization. If you stick to only one type of shooting, for example, weddings, I think the choice is obvious – Wedding-retouching, as these guys specialize in it for many years. If you constantly change the style, or are engaged in portraits, then choose WeEdit.Photos or FixThePhoto.



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