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Top 10 Tourist Attraction Countries in the World for 2018

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Tourism has been one of the most lucrative and profitable industries which have emerged with lots of scopes and extensive career opportunities in the last decade. The industry has flourished massively, attracting millions of tourists across the world to different popular locations. Besides, it has also become a trend amongst tourists to look for remote and isolated locations. This tendency has led the least recognized tourism destinations to come to limelight.

 Tourism Trends and Industry 

Moreover, according to a study conducted recently by the UNWTO, almost one out of every eleven people across the world is working in the tourism industry. And the industry, in turn, is also playing a vital role in the global economy, being responsible for almost 9% GDP. The UN World Tourism Organization calculates the scale of international tourists across the world every year. According to its study and records, there has been a massive growth in the number of international tourists across the world compared to the last decade’s result.  In the year 2000, the count of international tourists across the globe was 674 million which rose to almost 940 million in the year 2010, and today in 2017, there has been an overwhelming growth of the recorded number which estimates as 1,235 millions of international tourists.

The countries which have topped the list issued by this organization as the most tourist attraction countries are hugely benefitted from the tourism industry. A huge amount of the population of these countries is dependent on the tourism industry. UNWTO issues a list of the most visited countries. Since the last decade, the European countries have been presiding over the top ranks while countries like Mexico and Thailand are catching on with the race.

10 Turkey

The myriad of World Heritage Sites along with the largest urban footprint in Europe and the Middle East, have made Istanbul a major attraction in Turkey along with series of other sites.

9 Thailand

The exotic range of marine life, ravishing coastline beauty, and quintessential vibrancy of nightlife in the cities have made Thailand one of the roaring countries attracting more tourists with their exclusive tourism promotions. The country already attracts 32.6 million tourists.

8 Mexico

Mexico is one of the latest inclusions in the list of top ten most attractive destinations around the world for tourists. Lively nightlife, exotic beaches, lush green forests and the Mayan ruins stand among the top attractions for the tourists who reach 35 million.

7 Germany

While the country ranks 7th position among the most tourist attracting countries in the world, it is the number one country as per UNWTO’s ranking list for tourism expenditure. The country seems to have spent the money in a worth industry since it has recorded to gain an increasing number of tourists since 2014. Germany is a favorite destination in the summers as well as during the Christmas festival; Oktoberfest is a prime attraction among tourists.

6 United Kingdom

Though the United Kingdom wins over the sixth position, its difference from Italy’s tourist count is quite a lot. The magnificent landscape of Scotland, the beauty of the London Tower, the magic of old wine and coastline is the major attraction of this country which attracts 35.8 million tourists. In the recent few years, from the record of 2014, UK has gone up a few numbers in its ranking.

5 Italy

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Starting from historical legacies to the romantic canals of Venice, the exotic sight of the Piazzas to oriental climate, exquisite cuisine to the dramatic coastline, Italy has a lot to offer, and undoubtedly it is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Besides Venice, Rome and Florence are also world’s popular hit destinations for tourism, and this is the reason why Italy takes the 5th position with 52.4 million tourists.

4 China

China has emerged as one of the most prominent economies in the world. It’s the largest exporter and the second largest importer. Its important role in the trade and business and influential economic role in the global economy has made its global relations better. Moreover, after opening its gate for tourism, it quickly received a havoc response. Today it’s the fourth most tourist visited country, attracting 55.6 million tourists across the world.

3 Spain

Considered to be the major trade and business hub for its former colony Latin America, Spain already attracts a lot of tourists from Latin America. Besides, owing to the country’s unique geographical advantage of boasting both the coastal lime of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the country attracts millions of tourists. The count of tourists last year was 65 million. Next, only to the US, it is also the second country receiving the maximum spending with each tourist spending at least $1000 and making up for the country’s 5% GDP.

2 The United States

The diversity of tourism scopes which the US accommodates within its 3.79 million square miles right from California in the West to New York in East, has a lot to offer to tourists. The US is exceptionally popular amongst tourists for its extravagant tourism diversities, a large reserve of natural scenic spots to the most vibrant lifestyles in cities, Nature Parks to mountains. One of the other records which the country bags the record of tourist spending the maximum amount in the country while their visits and the amount was 177.2 billion dollars in 2014.

1 France

Paris is one of the most popular and the fifth most visited location in the world. France always had an advantageous edge on the world tourism ranking. However, in spite of the fifth rank of Paris, France as a country tops the list of most tourist attraction countries with its huge reserve of exquisite coastal locations, enticing wine regions, vineyards, scenic beauty spread across its land even in small villages. This country is known to attract almost 83.7 million tourists across the world. It tops over the US with 10 million tourists for the first rank.





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