Top 7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid if You Become Unsuccessful in Online Jobs

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Have you tried online jobs and then failed? If your answer is yes then you must read this article. I wrote this article only for the people who have failed to make money online. I tried to analyze all those possible reasons why you fail to make money with online jobs.

Most of the people who fail to make money online have committed following seven mistakes. If you read all of these points then it will help you to understand and correct those mistakes.

Online jobs are not easy way to make money. Hence, you must read following points for the mistakes you have made with it.

online jobs mistakes

1. Getting into Online Jobs with a Mind that it is a Jackpot

The first reason why everyone, almost everyone fails with online jobs is imagining that it is a jackpot and you could get rich overnight without putting any serious effort.

So called internet gurus or people who claim that they have made fortune out of online jobs paint an image that online jobs are just a cake walk and you could be rich just in few days.

Well, all these things corrupt your mind when it comes to online job. You get excited and start an online job with a mind that you would be rich overnight, however when you face the reality, you’d fail.

Hence, never consider online jobs are a lottery and you would become millionaire overnight as this is a wrong perception and major reason why people fail in online jobs.

2. Falling Into the Trap of Fraudster Promising Quick Money

This could be the extension of previous point. People fail in online jobs because they are very new on the Internet and they know nothing about the scams and other frauds. If you believe, when it comes to online jobs, internet is plagued with scams and other fake jobs promising quick money.

All of them might be fly-by-night. After you buy their stuff and use it, you find these programs, software or training manual of no using their product or a program that would make your rich

You are disappointed after wasting so must of money and in despair you quit.

Hence, never fell in trap of these fraudsters selling their stuff promising you to get an online job because that is not the way to go about.

3. Choosing Your First Online Job Among Others

Now if you are through with beating fraudsters then you have to choose a right kind of an online job. Please remember there are hundred different varieties of online job and you got to choose one out of them.

You cannot be doing all the jobs at one time because you are just a beginner.

People fail because they cannot understand how an online job works. Whether you got to start with blogging or affiliate marketing, you just don’t know. Blogging is different than affiliate marketing and you don’t know the difference between them and you fail.

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So as I beginner you should always start with blogging rather affiliate marketing.

4. Failing to Create a Narrative and Content for Your Blog/Website

Normally online jobs are of two kind blogging and affiliate marketing. Whether you start with blogging or affiliate marketing you have to create a narrative. And a narrative needs creating a good content. People who want to make money with online jobs don’t realize that eventually they would be creating content that people would love to read.

However, most of them fail to create unique and quality content and their blog/website do not take of the way they wanted it to be. Here, they fail primarily because of first two points I mentioned above. Creating content cannot be a jackpot.

Hence, whether it is blogging or affiliate marketing you must be able to develop a narrative and then create a good content according to both types.

5. Lack of SEO Knowledge and Other Traffic Generation Method

Even those bloggers and affiliate marketers fail who have created good content. The main reason is you have no knowledge of SEO and other techniques to promote your blog.

Remember, online jobs are about getting huge traffic on to your blog/website. Traffic is money and real success. And getting traffic is not an easy job when you have just started your new blog. Besides blogging skills you have to learn SEO techniques to get search engine traffic on to your blog.

Here, I am mentioning SEO because most of your traffic, about 70% would come from search engine like Google. Hence, you have to have basic knowledge of SEO and other traffic generation methods like social media, commenting etc.

Failing to get traffic on to your blog is one of the main reasons why people fail with online jobs.

6. Assuming Online Jobs are Simple and You Could do on Part Time Basis

You jump into online jobs with a mindset that it is easy and you could just work for two to three a day on part time basis and make some good money. Well! All this is rubbish and take this out of your mind that online jobs are just as easy as any part time jobs.

You have to dedicate full 10 hours to online jobs if you are just starting. If fact, 12 to 14 hours for a newcomer. If you are giving only 3 to 4 hours for an online job then you are bound to fail.

Do not go for an online job if you cannot commit at least 10 hours daily, you might also have to leave your regular 9 to 5 job then you may or may not succeed making money with online jobs.

Therefore, young folk’s major reason for failure with online jobs is they take to too casually.

7. Online Jobs are About Experimenting New Things, There’s NO Fixed Formula

Finally, you failed with your online job because you do not have any innovation. Online jobs are all about experimenting new things and making your own path.

There is no fixed formula or blueprint promised by some so called Internet guru that you can replicate and print money day and night. Internet and online jobs are very dynamic and they keep on changing with time, you have to learn new things and implement it.

If you fail to adapt with the changing nature of internet and online jobs then you are going to fail with online jobs and many of you do fail. Therefore not being able to adapt and learn new things is a prime reason why you fail with online jobs.

I do hope that after reading these points you might get an idea why you’d failed with online jobs.

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