Wedding Stories through Lenses of the Top 10 Indian & Pakistani Photographers

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Photography is a beauty type of art that has been around for ages, but lately, it has taken a higher place among all the other fine arts. Wedding photography around the world has been a grand industry, which is an echo for the importance of the event itself. “Two souls coming together”; however said by a Brahmin priest, one way or another, this is how marriage is generally perceived by humanity. Despite its significance worldwide, each area celebrates marriage in its own way. Weddings in India and Pakistan, and Southeast Asia in general, are known to be blasts of vibes and colors; colorful outfits, statement floral ornaments, vibrant dances and interesting traditions.

Wedding photographers has gone far on the path of creativity. A lot of people have been hooked by photography, adopted it weather as a professional career or a hobby; and many amateurs have successfully worked their ways up to professionalism. Armed with the best quality cameras, they chase the perfect moments, capturing their essence, see more. Adopting photojournalistic style in shooting marriages, especially in India, they have loaded their shoots with tons of breathtaking spontaneity and candid emotions; and by documenting the various small pieces that form the big event with an artistic sense, wedding photographers have become the story tellers of eastern wedding tails. The Pakistani photographers, on the other hand, mainly employ the technique of arranging the couples and groups poses, and taking the lead over the scene. Now let us know more about the top 10 photographers in India & Pakistan, and see weddings through their lenses.

10 Arjun Kartha Photography

 Arjun and Praerna Kartha are a husband-wife talented team. They are non-wedding photographers who photograph Indian weddings. Based in Delhi, Their stellar creative shoots are well-known throughout India and abroad. So, the couple is used to travel anywhere on shooting assignments. In 2012, Arjun was awarded Kodak Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 Category Award. In addition to photographing marriages, Arjun is specialized in commercial photography, especially food, hospitality and products; Praerna is also a professional food stylist. Food styling is about making food looking good. The team is a member in Fearless Photographers, a photography directory of the wedding photographers worldwide with offbeat approaches of shooting weddings.

Indian weddings through Arjun & Praerna’s lenses

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Red is a common wedding attire color, and sacred in the Hindu culture

9 Tehseen Khan (Black & White)

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Tehseen Khan is a talented wedding photographer who owns the nationally well-known Black & White studio in Pakistan. This studio has been engaging in a lot of events, shooting with professionalism, and capturing the most precious moments with great enthusiasm. It was also rated by their fans as one of the best photographers which, surely, got them featured on this list, besides their amazing work.

Weddings through Tehseen’s lens

8 Wedding Elements By Mash

This studio is based in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a group of professional photographers specialized in shooting weddings and big events, and they are talented in creating fine art frames and cinematic videos. Mash Wedding Elements were engaged in several weddings and are rated by their fans, on Facebook, as perfect. They might be a little bit expensive, but they are worth every penny, for they deliver high quality photos and flawless cinematic videos, making your wedding look like a movie.

Weddings through Wedding Elements lenses

7 Bhakti & Prosun Bordoloi

Apparently these partners have found a genuine passion in photography. They are true artists whose artworks speak louder than words. They left their jobs to pursue photography; Prosun was an event organizer with a solid career that exceeded 10 years, and Bhakti had also a corporate job. Today they are the owners of Prism Lens Photography and with more than 5 year career in photography. The Bordolois’ gift is greatly manifested in their frames. They prefer the documentary approach in shooting weddings, try to balance it with creative experimentation, and they adopt fine art in black and white as a favored technique.

Weddings through Bhakti & Prosun lens

6 Ankita Asthana

Superb Ankita Asthana has been in business as a solo photographer for six years; three years ago, she and her husband Akash have founded WeddingNama, a wedding photography company. She studied photography at National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad. To Ankita, photography is her “means of communicating with this universe”.  Asthana prefer to take the lead in order to create something new, adopt this as her style of wedding photography; using her own words, she likes to “make things happen and then be the storyteller”. Well, she has successfully managed to interfere in the scenes without losing the vibes of reality documentation, real emotions and smiles.

Weddings through Asthana’s lens

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5 Aahad

 Studios Aahad is quite well-known throughout Pakistan. Aahad’s team comprises professionals in wedding photography. Their first concern is to make their couples feel relaxed and at ease in order to capture stunning frames. However we couldn’t found much about Aahad, he is rated among the best Pakistani wedding photographers in Pakistani magazines like Mastorat and wedding planners like Wedding Pakistani. Plus, their production speaks well too, adding more credibility.

Weddings through the lenses of Studios Aahad 

4 Manie Bhatia

As he puts it, Manie Bhatia is “a software engineer by chance, a visual effects artist & a Photographer by choice”. He is the head of Khachakk Studios’ team of talented wedding and event photographers. Their work philosophy is all about “capturing souls”, as expressed by Bhatia. Seeing their frames, you’ll realize that the guy is not exaggerating! They have a candid style of wedding photography which they reach by a photojournalistic approach. Surprisingly, Khachakk Studios has initiated its work only 4 years ago!

Now, let’s see pure creativity manifested in some of Khachakk frames

A paste of turmeric, flour and Mustard oil (Mayian Ceremony)

3 Radhika Pandit

A professional photographer with breathtaking shoots, Radhika Pandit is not only specialized in wedding photography, but architectural and childbirth photography as well. For a photographer with about 7-year-old career, Radhik’s long list of achievements and awards is quite impressive and shows her talent; she has been Better Photography wedding photographer of the year 2014-15, and a winner of Fearless Photographers award of 2015. Pandit is specialized in Destination Wedding, which means marrying 100 or more miles away from where the couple lives. She probably has fallen in love with the intimacy and higher degree of simplicity in these weddings. Radhika is also a big fan of photojournalist approach in shooting marriages to free the product from stagnation. This way you’ll feel the vibes of the day each time you see the photos.

Widdings through Radhika Pandit’s lens

2 Nitin Dangwal

However a self-taught photographer, Nitin Dangwal has been a great addition to creative wedding photography in India and the Southeast Asia region generally. He won the Fearless Photographers award twice. Shooting since 2007, he has only started taking wedding photography assignments in 2013. Along with his partner Sandeep, Nitin has founded Shutterink photography. Team Shutterink has been chosen the wedding photographer of year 2016-17 by Better Photography India, and was finalist in 2015. Feerless and Better Photography are among the most well-reputed wedding photography contest in India.

Dangwal is flexible, opened to different styles of wedding photography; sometimes he adopt photo journalistic approach which allows him to capturing the magic of spontaneity and essence of emotions; other times he needs to take lead and organize the scene. He sees this as the best way to creatively deal with grand events like Indian weddings, and cover their big stories.

Wedding stories told by Nitin Dangwal

1 Joseph Radhik

Being a triple winner of the Fearless Award and the first on their list of the best Indian photographers, Joseph Radhik is a quite exceptional photographer in India and the whole world. His love relationship with the camera has started in 2001. He expresses it saying, “I can’t remember my life before I stated looking at the world in frames”. Becoming more sensitively aware of beauty, his quest has turned to be seeking more and more of it; in other words he ended up a traveler. Radhik finds beauty in the simplest things, such as “the smile of a 80 year old woman that shows a life well lived”. Joseph Radhik is the owner of Stories Photography. However Indian weddings can hardly be considered simple, Radhik and his talented passionate team have always been loyal to the charm of simplicity; its essence can be traced in their photos despite all the colors and lights. Joseph Radhik’s masterpieces have been featured in well-known magazines, such as Vogue UK, Grazia India, Elle India.

Weddings through Radhik’s lens

Well, this has been a quite special tour for us and we hope it’s the same for you; for photos replaced words, and our tour guides were a group of the most creative passionate artists!




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